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Aerial View City Profile: Austin, TX

May 2022

The Nearmap city series features aerial views of leading cities. Take a look from above at Austin, one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in Texas.

May 2022

There’s no doubt, Austin is one of Texas’ largest — and fastest growing — cities. Austin was recently named the most rapidly growing large city in the United States and has seen a population increase of more than 20% in the last 10 years. This is the profile of a growth hub that isn’t slowing down. The image above is a Nearmap Panorama view of Austin, captured in October 2021.
Those from Austin aren’t often originally from Austin. The city is a conglomerate of expats from across the nation who find appeal in a city that's starkly contrast from the rest of its home state.
Weather, job opportunities, arts, and culture are some of the leading reasons why Austin continues to attract new residents, but perhaps most significant — its ever-growing technology sector.
The Silicon Hills — a nod to Northern California’s Silicon Valley — is home to a cluster of innovative technology companies, transforming the way the world works. From Apple to Adobe and Tesla to Oracle, take a peek into the changing landscape of Austin, Texas, as captured by Nearmap since 2014.
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