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Engage with your environment like never before. Harness the power of HD imagery, AI-driven insights, analytics, and intuitive software to uncover new perspectives of your world.

From the small, to the big, to the meaningful

Move work out of the field and into the office with tools to improve workflow, scale efficiently, and drive meaningful change. No matter the project size.

Sync with your workflows

Nearmap fits into your existing systems seamlessly. Keep using what you already know.Integrations & APIs

How Nearmap provides solutions

Insurance insights

Don’t leave policyholders waiting! Output faster risk assessments and claims verified with the speed and accuracy of AI-powered imagery insights.

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Government services

Maintain compliance by monitoring built-world changes while also managing public works, assessment and taxation, and transport planning.

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Solar planning

Optimise solar prospects, installations and PV placement with precise AI data for accurate site identification, assessment and monitoring.

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Utility networks

Improve GIS data with accurate AI-based utility asset locations, understand vegetation growth and risk, and monitor road encroachments.

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Property assets

Leverage up-to-date AI data to enhance the way you understand the condition and deterioration of capital assets.

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AEC & development

Increase the ROI on engineering procurement and construction by delivering projects that positively impact urban design and development.

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“Nearmap imagery is one source of truth that allows us to understand many attributes about a property that standard data sources may not catch. Recent AI imagery from Nearmap allows us to review the insights against the analytics and truly understand the property’s condition.”

SVP of Data and Analytics, Kin Insurancetestimony-logoRead Customer Story

“Having that level of information before you actually do that first site visit is really important… it’s just so revealing, it’s like being on site, it takes it to another level.”

Spatial Applications Developer, Sydney Watertestimony-logoView Customer Story

“If I had to do this job again and I didn't have access to MapBrowser, I don't know what I would do. Having a tool like this means I can get all the detail and information I need, as accurately as possible.”

Senior Project Engineer, Airports & Specialised Pavements, Downertestimony-logoView Customer Story

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