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Price faster and more accurately with the industry’s first AI-powered remote analysis of roof age.
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Tue Aug 02 2022
Tue Mar 12 2024
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Nearmap Roof Age leverages roof AI and computer vision to rapidly synthesise the insights within our high-resolution aerial imagery. This enables a more precise determination of roof age estimate compared to permit data or homeowner and agent estimates that may be years off. With accurate and reliable roof age data, insurers can better predict and prevent losses, avoid premium leakage, and provide faster quoting. 

Accurate roof age for the entire policy lifecycle

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Quote faster

Accelerate the quoting process by pre-filling roof age data and providing a more accurate quote

Reduce risk

Select better risk, avoid losses, and accelerate the quote-to-bind process

Improve pricing & policy terms

Fine-tune rating algorithms to accurately price policies and determine policy terms such as ACV vs RCV and the roof payment schedule. Reveal older roofs to minimise premium leakages, and identify newer roofs to offer more competitive pricing.

Optimise inspection resources

Prioritise physical inspections for properties with older roofs to better manage and mitigate overall risk.

Goodbye tradition, hello innovation

Inaccurate roof age data results in serious premium leakage every year! Why? Because historical solutions can’t keep up with validating and supporting informed decisions. Nearmap Roof Age helps you break up with tradition and connects you with tech innovation.Demo Roof Age

No More Guessing Games

Without comprehensive data, your knowledge may be lacking. Was the roof replaced before the most recent purchase? Is the homeowner or agent incentivized to understate the roof's age to obtain a lower insurance premium? Nearmap Roof Age pinpoints the roof’s age so you can quit the guessing game.

No More Missing Data

Not every municipality has data available. Some permits may be filed improperly, not filed at all, or have unmatched zip codes. Even if permits were filed, the repairs may not have been done, or indicate a full roof replacement when only a part was repaired. Nearmap Roof Age gives you every insight so you're not overlooking critical information.

No More Physical Inspections

Physical reporting can take months. It also involves scheduling with policyholders and inspectors, which further complicates the process. Large or complex roofs may require additional resources like drones and extra labor to get a full analysis. Nearmap Roof Age replaces costly, time-consuming physical inspections by providing accurate property intelligence from any connected device.

Upgrade your roof intelligence with Nearmap

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