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Know which way the wind blows

Get the insights to know a property’s survivability after a wind event, complete with historical claims datasets and Computer Vision detections.
Demo Wind Risk
Mon Apr 01 2024
Thu May 16 2024
Withers, WA AU

Severe wind event, May 2024

Predict & prevent wind losses

Our Wind Risk Insights by Betterview combine regional hazard data with property-level vulnerability insights to give you a complete and transparent view of risk. Integrating public and commercial hazard data, our insights empower insurers to proactively recommend risk mitigation steps to policyholders.Learn about Betterview

Price accurately in risky regions

Expand your business in high-risk areas by identifying and planning for properties most exposed to future damage by using our predictive wind risk assessments, regional hazard data, and key vulnerability factors.

Predict future wind claims

Our machine learning and computer vision models are built to reveal property vulnerability, identifying factors like missing shingles, roof stains, roof material, and roof shape. Properties with these high-risk factors are scored as higher risk, so underwriters can identify them easily and manage the risk accordingly.

Collaborate with policyholders

Wind Risk Insights reveals the exact property attributes contributing to higher claim risk, empowering underwriters or agents to work with policyholders to proactively mitigate risk, building trust, and avoiding future claims.

What makes our insights different?

Simplified, intuitive insights for streamlined processes

Focus on structural vulnerability and regional hazard

Transparent, actionable data to predict and prevent losses

Understand property survivability

Less vulnerability, more sustainability

We apply computer vision models to high-quality Nearmap aerial imagery and identify risk factors that led to wind losses based on historical claims dataset. These insights are then synthesised into a Wind Vulnerability Score, allowing users to quickly assess a property's vulnerability. 

Predict & prevent

Protect your properties from being gone with the wind

Demo Wind Risk
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