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A better way to insure

Betterview is the property intelligence and risk management platform for P&C insurance. Optimise pricing, quoting, underwriting, renewals, and claims by applying AI and computer vision to high-resolution aerial imagery. Betterview helps you write more profitable business, reduce expenses, and mitigate risk.
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Faster workflows

Our predictive property intelligence is tailored for insurance workflows and can be housed directly in your preferred policy interface. You can make more accurate risk decisions in a fraction of the time, optimising your daily workflow.

Lower costs

Frequent, high-resolution imagery, combined with AI-powered insights and workflow tools, empower insurers to reduce costly physical inspections by allocating them to only high-risk properties. More efficient underwriting also lowers operational cost.

Better customer experience

Customers demand a different kind of quoting, quote-to-bind, and renewal experience: one that is fast, accurate, and transparent. The Betterview platform enables you to provide a modern experience that services the customer the way they expect.

Comprehensive Property Data

Know the health of every property in your book

Make the transition from “repair and replace” to “predict and prevent”.

Roof attributes

Including age, shape, size, and materials

Accurately score the overall roof condition risk.

Such as swimming pools, trampolines, yard debris, solar panels, and 60+ more

Accurately score property survivability and claims risk for events like hail, cyclones, bushfires, and wind 

High-resolution aerial imagery

Eye-catching imagery is the foundation of our Property Intelligence and Risk Management platform. We capture high-resolution images of properties nationwide, covering 95% of the population. Paired with AI, our imagery can accurately reveal every insight about a property — down to a damaged tile on the roof.

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Connect your tools to Betterview
Flag risk

Prioritise properties that need attention


Create custom business rules that flag properties for attention, which automatically shows up on your dashboard so you know exactly what issues to investigate. Insights available for Flagging include our AI attributes, Roof Spotlight Index, peril scores, Partner Connect data, and your internal policy data.

Real-time change detection

Get instant updates on changes to insured properties

Continuous Monitoring

Easily stay up-to-date with every property in your book of business. When a change is detected on a new aerial imagery, you're automatically notified.

Our property intelligence. Your workflows.

Data API

Seamless integration with your policy workflows.

Analytics UI

Surfaces property risk drivers.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Streamlines user experience & access control.

Core system integration

Instant access to our intel within your core system.

External data warehouse

Enables full analysis of your portfolio.

PDF property profiles

On-demand sharable property profiles.

Instant insight identification

Meet our advanced AI

Betterview applies computer vision, machine learning, and other AI technologies to identify detections relevant to P&C insurance and deliver the industry's most predictive property insights throughout the policy lifecycle.

Mature AI models

Our models are trained against the largest historical claims dataset in P&C insurance.

We don't just give you a score, we explain the reasons behind it — so you can better help customers mitigate risk.

Our models are continuously refined using your inputs to provide precise data you can count on. 


"Betterview makes our world a little more efficient by giving us a lot of data and representing in a way that's easy to understand and easy to apply underwriting decisions to. It has also made physical inspections more efficient."

Camron Rafiee, Assistant Director of Underwriting, HAI Grouptestimony-logo

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