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Eliminate building lean with a True Ortho view

Measure with greater accuracy and confidence without interference of building lean and visual ground obstructions in True Ortho imagery.
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True Ortho

Fresh insights

Because Nearmap True Ortho is frequently updated, you can get to work with a current view, and a consistently reliable back-catalogue of distortion-free imagery.

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MapBrowser view

Search, browse and save orthophoto map measurements as projects in MapBrowser recording length, area, perimeter and circumference.

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Integrate and share

Easily display Nearmap True Ortho imagery in the Esri desktop application, True Ortho API, ArcGIS Pro, via content delivered in GeoTIFF format.

Integrations & APIs

Measure accurately with a distortion-free view

Revolutionise the way you observe and analyse the built environment with orthophoto software, viewing tall objects and buildings with unparalleled accuracy, clarity and frequency.

Frequently capturing up to 95% of the population

Keep track of what’s changed over time. Access multiple high-resolution metro surveys a year, and gain deeper location-data insights from historical imagery and AI data in our back catalogue.

Imagery made to measure

Give yourself the competitive edge with distortion-free imagery that clearly shows ground and road features. Measure accurately, remotely: length, area, perimeter, and circumference.

"Having that level of information before you actually do that first site visit is really important… it’s just so revealing, it’s like being on site, it takes it to another level."

Dino Scotter, Spatial Applications Developer, Sydney Water testimony-logo

"If I had to do this job again and I didn't have access to MapBrowser, I don't know what I would do. Having a tool like this means I can get all the detail and information I need, as accurately as possible."

Esther Lang, Senior Project Engineer, Airports & Specialised Pavements, Downertestimony-logo

"The reason that Nearmap matters to us in this journey and as we go along is that all of this starts with their product."

Ben Marsonet, Chief Executive Officer, Altus Grouptestimony-logo

"Accenture gets to help build the most advanced solar platform on the planet and work with amazing partners like Origin, Google, and Nearmap."

Vaughn Muirhead, Associate Director, Cloud First, Google Business Group at Accenturetestimony-logo

"Nearmap has property boundaries, road names, and other useful background data. That means that in many cases, you don’t need to use a GIS program."

Marcus Lee, Planner & Scheduler, Veolia Network Services Brisbane testimony-logo
Leading organisations trust Nearmap for our location intelligence

Flexible ways to access True Ortho Imagery

True Ortho imagery can be used in our MapBrowser application, exported for use in other software, or accessed via APIs.


Powerful use cases

Explore how your industry uses True Ortho and other Nearmap products to move the needle:


Looking for the tech specs?

Dive into the details and specifications of True Ortho imagery with detailed documentation in the Help Centre.

What can you achieve with True Ortho imagery?

Urban planning

Improve construction design and build with enhanced insights and clearer, more accurate development plans.

Asset management

Identify building footprints and more for infrastructure management and safety, fulfilling AM tasks with accurate data.

Architecture, engineering & construction

Improve construction design and execution with enhanced insights and precise building placement.​

Emergency response

Plan, deploy and respond backed by reliable high-resolution imagery and data. Act quickly on AI data insights to fulfil recovery plans.

Solar assessments

Design solar quotes that stand out, by selecting the prime sites based on intelligent data, and delivering visually clear rooftop assessments.

Roofing results

Less roof-climbing, more business! Save your time for the hot leads: visualise, measure and mark-up proposal plans before setting foot on a property.

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Reach new targets with location intelligence at your fingertips.

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