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Turn location data into insightful answers 

What insights do you need to shape your world? Unlock them with Nearmap. And make the kind of decisions that move business, community, and humanity forward. 
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Roof condition scores
Roof condition scores
Monitor assets
Monitor assets
Remote inspections
Remote inspections
Building measurements
Building measurements
Vegetation growth
Vegetation growth
Risk assessment
Risk assessment

Your source of truth

High-resolution imagery. 3D modeling. AI predictions. In-house camera technology. And a suite of geospatial tools you can use to impact change. It's location intelligence, and it solves today's challenges by turning imagery into insights and answers.

Aerial imagery that gives you every detail

Nearmap proprietary cameras on planes give you a more up-to-date aerial view of your projects from multiple perspectives and in vivid clarity.

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"We added 1.5M sq feet of space. Nearmap allowed us to watch this happen over time. Previously we would have had to organize and pay for 8 or 9 flights, and financially, that wasn't doable."

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"Nearmap was intended to be used as needed, but it has turned into the only source we use now."

Dave Walters, GIS Manager, CBBELView customer story

"MapBrowser gives us the ability to get the data we want — when we want it — 24/7, and at a phenomenal level of detail."

Austin Reed, 3D Visualization Team Lead, HNTBtestimony-logoView Customer Story

"Nearmap imagery is one source of truth that allows us to understand many attributes about a property that standard data sources may not catch. Recent imagery from Nearmap allows us to review the insights against the analytics and truly understand the property’s condition."

Adam Sturt, SVP of Data and Analytics, Kin Insurancetestimony-logo

Accelerate your work

From start-ups and global brands to GIS engineers and underwriters, get the edge with location intelligence integrated into your workflow.

For Insurance

Minimize risk, improve response time, and transform your customer experience.

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For Commercial

Optimize processes and elevate your operations in property, construction, engineering, and more.

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For Government

Keep public works on track, plan for tomorrow, and be better prepared for natural disasters.

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Visionary technology

We build and own the complete hardware, processing, analytics, and software delivery pipeline. It's uniquely Nearmap, and it's why we can continuously innovate to provide superior content with unprecedented speed and quality.

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of U.S. population covered



4.4 - 7.5cm ground sample distance (GSD)



square kilometers in last 6 months


urban areas captured

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