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Monitor networks, inspect assets, track change

From individual ports and stations to interstate corridors, with a comprehensive view of all of your assets you can manage and expand your networks more confidently, efficiently, safely and remotely.
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Pioneering the future of transport

From enhancing asset management to analysing the environmental impact of proposals, we provide the the source of truth you need to design, delivery and maintain safe and reliable transportation networks — setting a new standard for data-driven precision, efficiency in transport.

Propel projects forward with transport planning tools

Proposals that don’t miss a detail

Minimise risk in the tendering process with the most current, detailed, measurable and insight-rich imagery of project sites. Identify risk early, ensure compliance, pioneer environmentally conscious planning, and provide unparalleled visualisation of proposals.

Harness massive-scale 3D datasets, dense point clouds, and detailed digital surface and terrain models to deepen your understanding of the terrain and slope of a proposed project. Unlock hidden insights with Near Infrared (NIR) imagery like subtle changes in vegetation health to add another layer of precision to your analysis.

Automate the identification of features including vegetation, building characteristics, construction sites, solar panels with innovative AI data layers, so you can focus on mission-critical tasks while maximising geospatial data potential.

Accelerate transport asset management workflows

Stay up to speed with projects in motion

Monitor progress, placement, and restoration of assets, and clearly communicate updates with relevant agencies all the way up to and beyond project completion with frequently updated, remotely accessible and multi-angle views of your sites.

Efficient, safe and reliable transport requires consistent asset monitoring and maintenance. The ability to clearly visualise change over time, and rapidly identify features such as pavement damage, road markings, and roof condition, empowers you safely and promptly mitigate risk, address deterioration, and respond to incidents.

Predict the impact of different events on transport infrastructure, expedite restoration efforts while keeping field crews safe, and enhance resilience with access to pre- and post-catastrophe content.

“For monitoring development in areas around transport corridors, it allows access to the most recent imagery, facilitating the planning and compliance management of impacts on road network.”

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Quickly sync Nearmap to your workflows with seamless integrations. With our APIs, you can create custom bespoke solutions with more control than ever before.Integrations & APIs

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