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Reimagine your city from above

Secure a smarter, more sustainable future with continuously updated, insight-rich, multi-dimensional views that show you your local government like you’ve never seen before.
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Local aerial intelligence at a national scale

From infrastructure management and urban planning, to green infrastructure, road safety and emergency response strategies, our data-rich views and local government maps enhance countless workflows with deep insight, empowering you to meet the unique needs of your community.

Leveraging GIS in urban planning

Keep pace with sprawling suburbs

Track fast-sprawling developments with frequently updated building footprint and construction site datasets. With detailed views of private and public infrastructure, you can easily identify compliance, repair and upgrade requirements as your community changes.

Identify vegetation cover in residential or industrial areas with our automated AI-powered insights. Go back in time to understand growth or loss trends, determine where shading is required, and identify potentially illegal tree removal.

Understanding the impact of a planned build in urban planning is a non-negotiable. With the most accurate aerial view you can quickly analyse land use, optimise zoning, and streamline environmental management decisions.

Smarter response, recovery and preparedness

Assess and triage with the full context

From coordinating and mapping routes for response crews to assessing damage on the ground, deploy the right resources quicker with Nearmap ImpactResponse — offering the critical details you need to respond, repair and recover sooner.

Mitigate disaster impact by engaging with communities through powerful insights. Leverage historical pre- and post-event imagery, AI layers revealing vegetation, surface permeability and building footprints in seconds, and terrain mastery from city-wide 3D and DSM content to model flood impact or determine fire risk.

Empower teams with next-level efficiency

Time and money better spent

Reduce unnecessary site visits with a remotely accessible view of your LGA that is far more detailed and current than satellite imagery and is enriched with AI datasets and remote measurement tools.

No technical expertise required

Non-technical teams can quickly access imagery in MapBrowser; while GIS teams can integrate post-cat surveys into their preferred third-party application in minutes.

We go where you are

Export data instantly and use it within your preferred third-party applications. Save time with our easy KML import to better understand exact project site boundaries.

Local governments trust Nearmap for our property intelligence

Sync with your workflows

Quickly sync Nearmap to your workflows with seamless integrations. With our APIs, you can create custom bespoke solutions with more control than ever before.Integrations & APIs

Products for local government

“Excellent product. Easy to use, up to date and provides multiple aspects to my work for better collection of data. I use it on a daily basis and have been able to provide my clients with indisputable evidence of changes made over time. Seeing is believing.”

Nearmap Local Government Customer

“I find the whole experience easy to use and very suitable for my role in compliance at work. Comparative views are extremely handy in identifying changes over time in regard to individual properties. Clarity and zoom capabilities are second to none.”

Nearmap Local Government Customer

“Nearmap provides detailed current images which gives me the ability to measure, map and plan landscaping features. It also provides me with a timeline of then trees may have been planted or removed from residential verges.”

Nearmap Local Government Customer

“Very useful tool for my job in fire management — looking at post burn mosaic and vegetation effects, and assessing vegetation growth on fire trails.”

Nearmap Local Government Customer

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