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Empowered views for smarter service delivery

Level-up your electric utility GIS intelligence with frequently updated and historical, crystal-clear and insight-rich views of your electricity network map.
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Data-powered electricity excellence

Monitor and maintain your utility network more effectively with high-resolution aerial imagery, extensive 3D models, and AI-extracted geospatial features.

More efficient field work, happier customers

Track asset locations with ease

Overlay asset location data on high-resolution aerial imagery covering up to 95% of the Australian population for improved service productivity and quicker response times.

Unparalleled image clarity, precise measurement tools and AI-powered feature detection make identifying obstructions, determining site access points and estimating resources with certainty a breeze.

Make downtime a thing of the past

Predict and proactively reduce risk

Visualise buffer zones around assets, and detect topographical change that could compromise clearance — such new infrastructure and vegetation encroachment — with top-down imagery enriched with AI and Near Infrared content. 

Inform disaster preparation plans with accurate, insight rich views of historical events including floods and bushfires. Understand past incidents, monitor environmental change over time, and model future impact to better protect your assets.

Scale your solar solution

Prospect new customers

Combine the power of frequently updated imagery, historical content, and AI data to identify opportunities to grow your business — such as residential areas with high concentration of swimming pools and commercial areas where uptake is on the rise.

With the most up to date dataset of where solar is in Australia, you can accurately monitor changes in solar uptake overtime and predict impact on grid capacity to prevent black outs.

"I have been using Nearmap for over 11 years, this is great system for roof images and designing solar systems on the roof."

Nearmap Electricity Customer

"Nearmap constantly updates its maps, providing a level of accuracy which helps me to make desktop decisions without the need to travel to site."

Nearmap Electricity Utility Customer

"By integrating current, high-resolution geo-referenced Nearmap imagery with our core GIS and AutoCAD technologies, we can rectify errors in our GIS, produce more accurate designs, and locate infrastructure including power poles and streetlights."

Senior Drafting Officer, Powercor Australiatestimony-logo
Utility companies trust Nearmap for our location intelligence

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Quickly sync Nearmap to your workflows with seamless integrations. With our APIs, you can create bespoke solutions to better meet your needs.Integrations & APIs

Products for electricity utilities

Supercharged asset planning, management, and maintenance starts with a complete view of the truth on the ground.

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