Transport aerial highway regional Great Northern Highway, Wedgefield, Western Australia

Planes, Trains, Automobiles . . . and Aerial Maps

Take the transport out of transport management. Monitor assets and plan network expansions from your office, with current aerial imagery that tracks individual stations through to interstate corridors.

26 April 2020 | Wedgefield, WA

Simple Oversight for Complex Transportation Logistics

When your capital improvement sites, existing assets, and portfolio properties span hundreds or thousands of kilometers, it’s imperative to have immediate insight into what’s happening across your transport network. With continually refreshed imagery of your transport assets and ongoing project sites, there are no surprises — just deep insights to inform your decisions and underpin your planning. 

Aerial image of highway interchange at Keilor East, Victoria
28 April 2020 | Keilor East, VIC

Vast network? View it all in a few clicks

Expand visibility into the operational status and material condition of assets, including roads, vehicle depots, stations, rail tracks, bridges, and signage. 

Use historical imagery to spot changes and identify risk, like vegetation overgrowth, storm damage, or ageing assets.

Accurately measure the length of track, road, and transit corridors.

Transport aerial highway housing interchange at Concord, New South Wales
01 June 2020 | Concord, NSW

Improve Project Planning and Oversight

Combine geospatial and construction datasets in a “common operating environment” to reduce complexity, streamline communication, and ensure all parties are up to date.

Keep tabs on contractual obligations by checking work progress.

Transport aerial construction highway Malaga, Western Australia
10 May 2020 | Malaga, WA


Streamline incident response by supporting maintenance crews and emergency services with precise geo-coordinates and site information, enabling them to reach even remote locations faster, more safely, and better situationally prepared.

Improve field worker safety by lowering your overall number of site deployments. 

Transport construction aerial Westconnex interchange St Peters, Sydney
01 June 2020 | St Peters, NSW


Provide current aerial imagery of project progress to relevant government agencies.

Support tendering activity with current, high resolution imagery of proposed transportation upgrades. 

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Visualise Your Transport Projects and Assets in 3D

High resolution, up-to-date DSM, textured mesh, point cloud, and true ortho datasets of your transport network allow you to understand the full context of what’s on the ground, and plan and respond more effectively. 

View my netWork in 3D
3D, aerial, Sydney, NSW, 2018 April
aerial, railway, Mount Burges, WA, 2014 February 28
Customer Story


ARC Infrastructure incorporates high resolution aerial maps into its workflow to keep tabs on assets, speed repair work and capital improvements, and communicate clearly with its field workers to ensure safe, speedy travel along its network. 

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Transport aerial image regional roads railway in Merbein Victoria
12 April 2020 | Merbein, VIC

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