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Our range of webinars are here to help you discover how up-to-date aerial imagery, 3D content and location data supports your industry, your business and your remote working needs.

04 April 2020 | North Richmond, NSW

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Browse below webinar topics that vary by industry, product and use case.

Recorded Webinars

From the lens to you

(Recorded Webinar)  Learn how Nearmap has refined the art of automatic technology to create the best aerial imagery, delivered straight to your desktop.

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We capture reality so you can reinvent it: high-res imagery keeps you on top of every stage of your project lifecycle

(Recorded Webinar)  Discover how to make the most of high-res aerial imagery and keep your projects moving forward.

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High-res Obliques within ArcGIS: Elevate your project planning with HD imagery

(Recorded Webinar)  Discover how to get started using Nearmap Obliques in ArcGIS with this informative, step-by-step webinar showcasing what oblique imagery can do for you.

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Verifying feasible sites with Archistar and Nearmap

(Recorded Webinar)  Revolutionising development site inspections – find out how Archistar are using up-to-date imagery from Nearmap to drive efficiency in property development.

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Catch up with captures

(Recorded Webinar) Go behind the scenes of large-scale aerial imagery – find out how beautifully clear images are captured on a massive scale and kept up-to-date.

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Learn how to optimise aerial and drone survey programs

(Recorded Webinar)  Smarter decisions from above – are you ready to build a better aerial imagery capture program?

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Hey, you’ve got 3D! Now what?

(Recorded Webinar) Find out how simple and effective Nearmap 3D imagery can be for your business needs.

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Boost your solar sales

(Recorded Webinar) Discover easy tips to boost your solar sales remotely, with the help of world-class solar estimation tools and the industry’s best in aerial imagery.

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Nearmap: the work-from-home refresher

(Recorded Webinar) Whether you’re new to aerial imagery, or looking for even more ways to enable your business, join us for a quick and informal tour that covers vertical, oblique and 3D imagery - and the many in-browser tools ready to help get things done.

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Nearmap on OpenSolar: Seeing is Believing

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how Nearmap is helping boost solar prospects with a complete sales toolkit inside OpenSolar.

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Building smarter cities with location data

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how smart cities can effectively harness data to deliver enhanced and efficient services.

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3 Ways with Nearmap 3D

(Recorded Webinar) Discover Nearmap 3D for easy exploring, measuring and exporting - and know what all the fuss is about, with our 3D experts Stephen Neale and Judy Chang.

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Introducing Nearmap WMS 2.0

(Recorded Webinar) Find out how Nearmap WMS 2.0 makes searching for the right imagery even easier, with intuitive controls and enhanced organisation to make your integrated workflow more efficient.

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Exploring a new dimension: 3D in MapBrowser

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how Nearmap 3D solves these problems by letting you access our entire Australian library of regularly updated, high-resolution 3D through a simple, intuitive web app.

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Get real: Aerial & 3D for major project planning (w/ NGIS)

(Recorded Webinar) Listen and watch our partner NGIS explore how government, construction, and engineering pros are leveraging high-res imagery and 3D to maximise their projects.

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Virtual quotes, real business: Powerful online roof measurement tools

(Recorded Webinar) Tune into to learn how the new 3D Line and 3D Area tools in Measurable Obliques. We'll show you how to outsource roof measurements to your laptop.

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Mapping summer: Imagery tools to heat up your business

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how to turn up the dial on your landscaping, pool, construction, solar, or roofing business with virtual site visits that save you time so you can focus on winning new customers. Harness and ladder not required!

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Advanced Aerial Imagery Analysis with MapBrowser

(Recorded Webinar) Listen and watch this deep dive on the most valuable tools in our MapBrowser web app, so you can get even more leverage from your Nearmap high res aerial image subscription.

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Using aerial imagery to ace location analysis & scale your business

(Recorded Webinar) Watch this workshop from our team to learn how working with current visual data can save valuable financial and staff resources, so you can concentrate on what matters: scaling your business faster.

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Expert Tools for Virtual Site Visits — Measurable Obliques and the new MapBrowser

(Recorded Webinar) Learn how to use Measurable Obliques content, to measure heights and view sites from all four directions, with our product team. They also explain the newest features in MapBrowser.

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Location Data Meets Imagery: Going Beyond Business Intelligence

(Recorded Webinar) Our webinar with integration partner NGIS explores how to derive superior insights by combining existing location data sets with current, high resolution aerial imagery.

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08 December 2019 | South Fremantle, WA

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