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Products Agreement


At Nearmap, we have two types of Products Agreements:

1. Small Business Products Agreement; and

2. Commercial Agreement

Knowing which one applies to you is important. To understand your rights and obligations, you should read the Products Agreement that is relevant to you.

Small Business Agreement

The below Small Business Products Agreement applies to you if you are a business or a not-for-profit organisation, and you meet ALL the following criteria:

  1. You do not resell our services;
  2. You employ fewer than 20 people; and
  3. The upfront price you have to pay us for our Products is less than $300,000, or if your contract is for longer than 12 months, under $1,000,000.

Small Business Products Agreement (Word)
Agreement Version: 1 October 2021

Commercial Agreement

If you are NOT a Small Business Customer, the following Commercial Products Agreement applies to you:

Commercial Products Agreement (Word)
Agreement Version: 1 October 2021

Did you sign up to Nearmap before 1 October 2021? Head over to our Previous Products Agreements page to find the agreement that may apply to you!

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