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Maps have impact. Dive into aerial imagery with articles on the latest geospatial trends, stories from customers across the globe, and the outright beauty of multi-perspective overhead photography.

01 May 2019 | Perth, WA

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Perspective is everything — and while we typically make sense of our surroundings from the ground, it's now possible to derive valuable insights into reality from above.

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Dig into what's interesting and newsworthy about today's aerial imagery and its impact on business — including current trends, technological advances, influencer interviews, and even an aerial quiz or two.

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Nature meets nurture. Nearmap surveys urban centers worldwide to help businesses thrive, but the imagery also inspires our curiosity — and sometimes outright awe — at the diversity of natural and man-made landforms below.

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South aerial view of the Kauffman Center in Kansas City, MO -- 20 June 2017 Kauffman Performing Arts Center, Kansas City, MO

Service Contractors

Professional jobs: Landscaping, Paving, Fence Design, or Pools.

High-res, up-to-date aerial imagery directly benefits a wide array of property services. Measure flat or inclined areas to accurately estimate and order materials. Enhance communication within your team, view properties while you're on the phone with customers, and support quotes with clear, beautiful imagery that accurately reflects the current state of the site.

Aerial imagery viewed within ArcMAP, City of Apex, NC Aerial Imagery within ArcMAP, Apex NC

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Your future business may rely on a clear aerial view of homes, industry, infrastructure, or the natural environment. Learn how other companies leverage the most recent maps, with greater frequency and higher resolution than satellite sources like Google Earth.

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