New South Wales flooding aerial images
Nearmap ImpactResponse

Rapid Access to Post-catastrophe Ground Insights

Access the details you need to respond, repair and recover without delay following catastrophic natural disasters.

Mar 2022 | Lismore, NSW, AU

Power Your Response with the Right Data

After a major event, response time is critical. Property insurers, emergency response agencies, and utility companies must equip their teams with the right response tools — whether to assess damage, deploy field resources, or get repairs underway quickly.

Nearmap ImpactResponse delivers rapid, high resolution aerial images following natural disasters. With reliable accuracy, speed, and coverage, you can be there for your customers and communities, even when ground access and inspection resources are limited.

First-look Access

Get exclusive, priority access to imagery in days

Comprehensive Coverage

Over 55,000km2* captured since 2011

*This includes impact and surrounding areas

Proactive Capture

Natural disasters with significant property and community impact

Pre-event Comparison

Leverage years of historical surveys to understand change

View it Your Way

Inspect via Web app or GIS application

Post disaster bushfire aerial images in Wooroloo, WA
Feb 2021 | Wooroloo, WA, AU

Fast capture. Faster relief.

As soon as conditions allow, we hit the skies, capturing and publishing imagery within days — so you don’t need to spend valuable resources procuring bespoke surveys. Covering bushfires, floods, hail, earthquakes, and cyclones, Nearmap ImpactResponse provides a reliable view of what’s happening on the ground in near real-time, allowing you to quickly assess the damage and triage your response.

Post-catastrophe Hail storm damage aerial images in Queensland
Nov 2020 | Springfield Lakes, QLD, AU

Priority Access, Viewed Your Way

Subscribers to the post-catastrophe program receive exclusive priority access from the time the imagery is published, providing you the insights needed to stay one step ahead. Easily view our imagery in our intuitive web app, MapBrowser, or import your surveys into your preferred GIS or proprietary application with our WMS and Tile APIs. All post-catastrophe surveys are captured at a consistent 7.5cm GSD, so you can quantify damage with confidence.

Jan 2021 | Ebenezer, NSW, AU
Mar 2021 | Ebenezer, NSW, AU

Get the Full Context

Post-catastrophe shows you what’s there today — while regularly updated surveys give you the full story to understand the true impact of damage. Nearmap captures fresh imagery across Australia up to six times annually, covering 90.5% of the population across more than 448,000 square kilometres. When combined with our pre-catastrophe captures of areas prone to severe weather, historical imagery provides a contextual snapshot of property conditions prior to an event — allowing informed decisions to calibrate your response.

Insurance post disaster flooding aerial imagery
Jan 2011 | Brisbane Floods, Rocklea, QLD, AU

A Trusted Source of Post-cat Insights

We’ve been proactively capturing the most significant weather events of the past decade, including the 2011 Brisbane floods and the unprecedented Black Summer bushfires of 2019/2020.

This disaster season alone, we’ve captured the Queensland hailstorm in Nov 2020, Wooroloo fires in Feb 2021, New South Wales floods in Mar 2021, and Cyclone Seroja in Apr 2021. Our proprietary camera systems — and patented processing workflow — means we capture wide areas at speed and push the imagery online rapidly, without compromising quality.

Nearmap provides us the solution we need to maximise our resources and provide the greatest benefit to our communities.
Brent Hoade, Disaster Relief Australia
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Aerial images for insurance post disaster bushfires
Post-catastrophe insurance aerial images for NSW flooding
Apr 2021 | Cyclone Damage, Kalbarri, WA, AU

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