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Government aerial maps and location intelligence

Location Intelligence and Aerial Data for Government

From enhancing urban planning to improving your emergency response, up-to-date and high-resolution geospatial data from Nearmap can keep your government initiatives on track.

Mar 2023 | Sydney, NSW, AU

The Solution that Puts Your Community First

As cities, states and local councils continue to grow rapidly, it’s important that the decisions you make today are suited to tomorrow. From effectively planning and executing public safety initiatives to building the cities of tomorrow, cloud-based access to frequently-updated aerial imagery can ensure you’re working based on the latest truth — and maximising your resources.

Oct 2021 | Melbourne, VIC, AU

Streamlining Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s mapping entrance and exit routes for response crews, assessing damage on the ground following a disaster or coordinating emergency teams, act quickly with Nearmap ImpactResponse — offering the critical details you need to respond, repair and recover without delay following major catastrophes.

Government green space tree canopy management
AI Data showing tall vegetation | Noranda, WA, AU

GIS Data for Keeping Green Spaces Top of Mind

With AI-powered data sets, easily monitor tree canopy; visualise low to high vegetation coverage; determine where shading is required for your community; and stay on top of change across your natural environment — toggled on at the click of a button. Find out the greenest suburbs in your LGA with Nearmap AI.

Government 3D data and imagery
Jan 2021 | Waterloo, NSW, AU

Managing Transport and Infrastructure from Above

From building and managing new infrastructure projects to inspecting transport assets, the clearest picture from above can keep you on task and on budget. Be sure the decisions you make are the right ones with fully-immersive imagery and 3D data — accessible on-demand. Help community members visualise your proposals, track progress across your builds and understand how surrounding environments come into play.

Government urban planning technology for smart cities
Norwest, NSW, AU

Creating Liveable Smart Cities

When it comes to urban planning, the ability to quickly assess a site and understand the impact of a planned build is non-negotiable. With imagery that’s updated up to 6 times per year and covers up to 95% of Australia’s population, you can analyse, plan and build better with the most up-to-date intel. Take it one step further and harness true insights with Nearmap AI — classifiable sets of data that can help you pinpoint specific details like vegetation and surfaces in seconds.

Government public safety planning aerial maps
Melbourne, VIC, AU

Improving Your Public Safety Response with GIS Data

Enhancing situational awareness in light of an emergency can make the difference between a positive and negative outcome. From determining the cause of a traffic accident, mapping and managing contingency plans for major public events or solving more granular cases — like a missing person — Nearmap helps to remove the guesswork out of frontline policing with a precise view into the truth on the ground.

Local Government Customer Stories

Government aerial housing image of Waterfront housing in Southport, Queensland
Southport, QLD, AU

Join the Mapping Evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium geospatial content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations.

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