High resolution images of San Francisco Airport transportation infrastructure
Customer Story

Getting Airport Operations Off The Ground

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) relies on the frequency and functionality of Nearmap imagery to manage its built environment.

Oct 2020 | San Francisco, CA, US
Nearmap provides recent content which helps us keep pace with the frequent changes to our Airport infrastructure.
Hanson Michael, Senior GIS Analyst, SFO
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With nearly 58 million guests traveling through the airport each year, SFO places safety, security, and high-quality service at the top of its priorities.

The Challenge at a glance

Frequent, High-Res Insight

Although SFO was pleased with the imagery from previous providers, turnaround time and frequency wasn’t ideal, and became a top priority as airport infrastructure continued to evolve.

In order to continue providing exceptional service to travelers, airlines and the community, as well as comply to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards, SFO needed up-to-date aerial imagery. That’s when they discovered Nearmap.

Angled oblique aerial views of San Francisco Airport MAY 2020 | SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US
Frequently updated aerial imagery for San Francisco Airport Historical Image Comparisons, FEB 2020 - OCT 2020 | SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US
The Solution at a glance

Keeping Up with Rapid Change

With imagery dating back to the 1930s, SFO has documented the progression of the airport over many decades. But with Nearmap, the airport could track changes over the span of a few months, instead of years.

“Prior to Nearmap, our imagery was typically on a 12-18-month cycle and the airport was changing at a much faster pace than this. So, for the high-resolution content, Nearmap has been working very well,” said Hanson.

Business Impact

Maintaining Accuracy

When the location of everything – including every painted sign in the movement area of the airport – must be documented, accuracy is crucial.

Nearmap’s frequency, granularity and interoperability is critical to SFO meeting its goals. It’s also able to support the airport’s need to meet compliance obligations from the FAA and helps to maximise the safety of workers and engineers throughout the airport.

Up-to-date aerial map images for transportation and infrastructure FEB 2020 | SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US
Up-to-date satellite maps of airports and transportation infrastructure
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