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Solar roof images for measurement and installation
Customer Story

Innovative Technology Promoting Solar Growth

Accenture collaborated with its partners Google and Nearmap to build a solar customer self-service tool to help Origin Energy grow its solar business.

Sep 2022 | Bracken Ridge, QLD, AU
Of course the Nearmap imagery service was where we got the underlying data that helps us drive this platform… and we intersect that with the AI data that we get from Nearmap.
Vaughn Muirhead, Associate Director, Cloud First, Google Business Group at Accenture

Accenture works with large companies to deliver positive business outcomes. For this project, Accenture leveraged its partnerships with Google and Nearmap to create a market-leading solution for Origin Energy, designed to increase the company’s solar market share in a highly competitive, fast-moving market.

The Challenge at a Glance

Fast-tracking Customer Inquiries, Reducing Delays

In a changing energy market, Origin worked with Accenture to find a solution that would help reduce a bottleneck for customers at the initial inquiry stage. With best-in-class solar technology, Origin needed a customer service tool that made the process easier and quicker. Accenture noticed that customers were being queued before they could speak to a contact with relevant knowledge to answer their questions. The team looked at how technology and automation could help provide the right answers, helping potential customers gain the clarification and information they needed to progress to order fulfilment sooner.

Aerial imagery for solar and roofing NOV 2022 | COWRA, NSW AU
Solar roof aerial maps and data for measurement and installation SEP 2022 | SECRET HARBOUR, WA AU
The Solution at a Glance

Custom-built for the Renewable Energy Market

Accenture aimed to build a solution that would help Origin connect its experts to potential customers faster, helping scale its business and grow market share. Starting with inspiration from Google Project Sunroof, Accenture explored building a quoting engine and an analytics engine, to achieve ‘minimum lovable product’ in just three months. Nearmap provided Accenture with the underlying data to help drive the platform: vertical imagery and AI offline data packs including building characteristics, building footprints, roof characteristics and solar panel packs. Nearmap also provided the ability to perform Machine Learning on Nearmap content to help detect and derive roof segments and related features.

Business Impact

Decreased Quoting Time, Improved Customer Service

Completed within the three-month time frame, the Origin self-service customer quoting tool reduced the assessment and quoting time down from days and weeks to 15 minutes or less. The serverless tool is hosted on Google Cloud and integrated with Origin’s systems. Solar customers get a more satisfying experience and can better understand their return on investment. Origin can scale its business to help increase renewable energy across Australia.

Up-to-date aerial images of solar panels on residential homes OCT 2022 | PANANIA, NSW AU
Property data for roofing, solar, pools and asphalt in residential homes,
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Current residential aerials of residential homes in New Sales Wales
Oct 2022 | Revesby Heights, NSW, AU


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