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Providing interactive aerial maps to Hudson County residents

Hudson County uses Nearmap to keep residents informed about ongoing community change.

Mar 2020 | Jersey City, NJ, U.S.
Nearmap has provided great advantages to the county and we’ve come to rely on it more and more for constant updates and for our ability to use it to make everything we do more interactive.
Daryl Krasnuk, Director of the ODI, Hudson County
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Hudson County, New Jersey is located directly west of New York City on the Hudson River. It’s one of the most densely populated counties in the United States, with over 5,000 people per square kilometre. The county leverages Nearmap’s high-resolution imagery to make their GIS services more interactive.

The Challenge at a Glance

Overcoming Outdated Imagery

Every five years, Hudson County produces a new map that’s made available to county and municipal agencies. As the county created these maps, and other services on the website, they regularly utilised aerial imagery.

Former aerial solutions used by the county could only provide new imagery around once a year. With new forms of interaction needed during the pandemic, old and outdated imagery made it difficult to achieve these objectives, so new resources were examined.

Aerial images of Hoboken, New Jersey, Columbus Square Park OCT 2018-OCT 2020 | COLUMBUS PARK, NJ U.S.
Up-to-date aerial map views of Hudson Regional Hospital in New Jersey JUN 2020 | Hudson Regional Hospital, NJ U.S.
The Solution at a Glance

Improving Communication to Residents

The County discovered Nearmap, a leading aerial imagery company that delivers high-resolution aerial images to government agencies and businesses across the world. Most importantly, Nearmap offers frequent flights yet still appeals to the individual price points unique to a geographically small but densely populated area like Hudson County.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shuttering many businesses and causing fear, Nearmap imagery was an important asset to provide crucial information about county and government resources.

Business Impact

Tracking County Development

One of the most important aspects of county government is to share updates and information about current projects and how tax revenue is being spent. A new county courthouse is under construction with an expected completion of 2023 and residents are following progress closely.

Aerial imagery from Nearmap could be key to keeping residents updated and informed about the process.

New Jersey high resolution aerial construction images of Hudson county courthouse SEP 2020 | HUDSON COUNTY COURTHOUSE, NJ U.S.
High quality satellite aerial images for New Jersey
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Jersey City aerial images of downtown and Newport stop
Sep 2020 | Jersey City, NJ, U.S.

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