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Select sites, assess land, and plan infrastructure projects from your desktop with on-demand access to insights that are tailored to your organisational needs.
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Simplify project site complexities

You face unique challenges in site selection, land assessment, and construction planning. That’s why we commit to proactively capturing and processing location intelligence — including aerial imagery, 3D data, and geospatial AI — ensuring every image can be a reliable source of ground truth for your engineers to better view, assess, and overcome site complexities.

Upgrade how you select project sites

AI-driven decisioning

AI geospatial features offer unique insights into existing conditions, encroachments, crossings, and constructibility — transforming your site selection approach by proactively identifying potential challenges.

Our proactive and repeated capture of aerial imagery in leading resolution forms the backbone of site selections, ensuring the latest and most detailed visuals for more informed decision-making.

Position your projects for success by integrating advanced location intelligence into every stage of the site selection process. Create new industry benchmarks for site selection criteria and impress stakeholders with a level of sophistication that showcases your industry leadership.

Map your perfect solution

We make it easy to create a solution that’s perfect for you. Seamlessly integrate Nearmap data into your site selection workflow with offline extractions and direct APIs. Utilise our MapBrowser web app to access our latest GIS land surveys, including up-to-date 2D and 3D imagery.

“With Nearmap, all the necessary information is in one easy-to-use program. We can decide if the property is suitable for solar within two to three minutes. The high resolution captures reveal roof space, shading, and any obstructions so we can make accurate, timely assessments.”

Program Manager, Sales Proposal Development, Momentum Solar
Leading organisations trust Nearmap for our location intelligence

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Quickly sync Nearmap to your workflows with seamless integrations. With our APIs, you can create bespoke solutions to better meet your needs.Integrations & APIs

The leading solution for site selection

Our state-of-the-art imagery and Geospatial AI can take your site selection, land assessment, and construction planning capabilities to the next level.

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Simplify how you select project sites using our advanced location intelligence.

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