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The most intelligent aerial map on earth

Oct 2022

Nearmap processes petabytes of pictures and data to deliver the most up-to-date, high-resolution imagery and critical intelligence of the earth.

Oct 2022

By definition, intelligence is knowledge, having the capacity to understand, discern and learn — but in the context of aerial imagery, what does intelligence mean?
We asked the team behind Nearmap AI — a powerful solution, offering true location insights powered by AI — what intelligence means to them:

Brett Tully, Director of AI Output Systems

"If we think of intelligence as the collection and organisation of knowledge, and if we think of aerial imagery as a way to view how humans shape our world, then I think intelligence is a framework that allows us to explore the fundamentals of the human experience. Some experiences are hyper-local — like a new solar panel installed on a roof — and some are collective, like the evolution of green spaces in a local government area, state, or country; true intelligence allows us to explore these experiences with ease and simplicity."

Suneeta Mall, Director of AI Model Systems

“Intelligence for me is the depth of knowledge, the appetite for challenges, and the ability to execute whilst knowing your limitations. Our maps are intelligent simply because of the depth of knowledge they carry. Our maps are regularly updated and captured at very high resolution for high fidelity. The challenge for us is how to serve this gargantuan amount of location information to our customers to simplify their workflows and add to their business values without causing information overload. Our AI capabilities have taken on this challenge quite well, producing AI-driven semantic knowledge layers to supplement the imageries and transforming location content to more location intelligence. Meaning, Nearmap now serves insights and allows asking questions like "how many swimming pools are there in this area?"

Nagita Seresht, Director of AI Model R&D

"We continuously train new models to add new AI attributes, and to improve the accuracy and specificity of the existing ones. We aim to stay at forefront of the latest academic research in our field, and innovate new architectures and algorithms to provide the most accurate and comprehensive geospatial intelligence data — to me, that’s just improving our intelligence. We also rigorously evaluate our AI models to make sure there’s no attribute regress over time or in different model releases, as our aim is to always provide the most accurate geospatial intelligence.”
Nearmap spans far and wide. We cover up to 95% of Australia’s population, up to 87% of the U.S. population and we cover major metro areas in Canada and New Zealand too. Though beyond our coverage, there are systems, processes and people that process the petabytes of data that move through our labs, and deliver the most up-to-date, high-resolution imagery to you — our customers.

“With the adoption of Nearmap, we certainly have an integrated, interactive 3D model of our city that acts as a single source of truth that's accessible to everyone working for the city.”

Phil Healy,Enterprise GIS Services Manager, The City of Kingston, Canada
To learn more about how Nearmap can transform your workflows, watch on-demand videos from our annual event, Nearmap NAVIG8 2021, to hear how aerial technology is helping build a better tomorrow.