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6 ways to improve results with location intelligence

Nov 2023

Learn how Nearmap aerial imagery and geospatial content helps small businesses identify growth opportunities, tailor sales messages, and improve the bottom line.

Nov 2023

Many of our customers run their own small-to-medium-size businesses, often with minimal staff, if any, on their payroll. At Nearmap, we understand that making the most of every minute is crucial when you're running a business.
Our Customer Success Managers love finding solutions for small business owners that help free-up staff resources. This leaves more time to find new customers, offer more responsive service and drive business growth.
Nearmap aerial imagery and geospatial content helps by providing a new view that is more than just pictures – it's insights  as well.
The Nearmap app, MapBrowser, offers easy-to-understand geospatial insights that might otherwise need a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist to access and interpret.
By gaining up-to-date, accurate intelligence about the situation on the ground, you can tailor your sales messages to reflect each property owner's actual needs, making your first contact more relevant and impactful.
This helps create a positive first impression, leaving potential customers feeling that you already understand them.
With high-resolution aerial imagery, you already know more about prospective new business without having to set foot on the property – saving travel time and cutting carbon emissions.
Are you ready to improve your bottom line? Take a look at the 6 ways successful small business owners use Nearmap.

1. Identify property features; increase your ad spend return

Competition is fierce in any business, especially for small-medium businesses competing in cities and regional centres. With the ability to identify property features using high-resolution aerial imagery in MapBrowser, you can find the facts you need and deliver greater return on advertising spend.
With the ability to identify and inspect properties by suburb, city and state means clearer visibility of your potential market, helping you optimise your advertising dollars.
For example, by using Nearmap Vertical imagery, our swimming pool installer customers (more about pools in point 6 below) can identify addresses that have backyards large enough to accommodate pools. Their advertising can then directly acknowledge prospective customers' situations, with messaging focused on installing new pools.
Pool businesses can also use Nearmap content to identify properties that already have pools installed.
It's also possible to look back in time at the same location (with up to 15 years of historical imagery available) to find out when the pool was installed. With this information, pool installers can promote a pool upgrade, replacement or repair.

2. Find homes without solar panels

Finding new solar customers is easier for solar providers using an up-to-date Nearmap view of neighbourhoods. Because Nearmap captures imagery up to 6 times per year in metropolitan areas, you’re more likely to get an accurate picture. You can look back at previous surveys to see whether houses had solar panels installed previously, helping fine-tune your advertising messages.

"Amazing help on the most accurate calculation of the layout"

Nearmap Solar Installer,Jan 2023
The ability to identify roof dimensions helps pinpoint potential new solar panel viability. Solar installers can even use tools to look at sun angle and roof slope, indicating the optimal placement for solar panels to receive maximum sunlight exposure. For even deeper insights, Nearmap AI can identify vegetation, showing where tree overhang that might affect solar charging time.

3. Monitor vegetation change across the seasons

From arborist tree services, landscaping, gardening, rubbish removal to property maintenance — understanding vegetation cover helps reduce the time needed to create quotes and plans.
With Vertical high-resolution imagery, you can clearly see vegetation on properties. And by viewing historical captures, you can see how that vegetation changes with the seasons.

"I love that aerial photos are updated quite regularly. The accuracy for measurements is extremely helpful to me."

Nearmap Landscape Design Customer,Aug 2022
To look even closer than the human eye, with Nearmap AI you can select data layers that identify specific stages of cover:
• Leaf-off Vegetation
• Very Low Vegetation (<0.5m)
• Low Vegetation  (0.5-2m)
• Medium and High Vegetation (>2m)
With that level of detail, you’re equipped with a more accurate knowledge of your customers’ properties.
Using MapBrowser, you can retrieve results in seconds, giving you a better view of your market without having to visit, view and assess properties in person, one at a time. (Save your face-to-face time for those income-generating meetings instead!)

4. Highlight asphalt and concrete surfaces

Where does the road finish and the driveway begin? Nearmap Vertical imagery can tell you!
With an accurate view of properties and their surroundings, you can identify opportunities for services such as driveway installation, path repair or replacement, garage door installation, and general property additions, maintenance and improvements.
With asphalt and concrete layers selected in Nearmap AI, you’re able to highlight surface components. Change the colour and opacity of each data layer (such as asphalt and concrete) to get an easy-to-understand view of surfaces types. AI layers also include Driveway, Lawn Grass, Natural (hard and soft), Road, and Water Body.

"Cuts down on time from measuring and it is nice to review the site to see if you missed any items while creating an estimate."

Nearmap Landscaping Customer,Dec 2022

5. Increase green cover one backyard at a time

Every year seems to deliver new record-high temperatures. Landscapers and garden service providers are finding new opportunities for garden developments by identifying properties suitable for sustainable backyard conversions – replacing hard, impermeable surfaces with nature.
Property owners are increasingly receptive to replacing concrete and asphalt heat-traps with garden spaces — permeable surfaces that improve drainage during heavy rain and help reduce the microclimate temperature. Suburban backyards can contribute to climate-reduction goals.

"As I have begun using Nearmap more and more, I can't imagine going back to our old methods! Clarity of images and ease of use, and now we have learned new ways to work with data and layers."

Nearmap Landscaping Customer Feedback,Sep 2022

6. Spot new customers for pool-cleaning services

One of the enlightening AI data layers that was introduced in the release of Nearmap AI Generation 5 is 'Unmaintained Swimming Pools'.
This AI layer highlights discoloured or cloudy pools – helping you identify customers who are potentially more likely to need pool cleaning and maintenance services. Not only does this highly targeted advertising help improve your return on ad spend, it also helps keep pool owners happy and swimming!
Did you know there’s also a 'Trampoline' AI data layer? Finding properties that have trampolines but no swimming pools could indicate households with good potential as customers for pool installers or other related property service providers.

"The quality of imagery is excellent and updated regularly. The application is easy to use as well. "

Nearmap Real Estate Customer Feedback,Jan 2023
Whether your business involves property maintenance, installing and maintaining solar panels, swimming pools, driveways, garage doors, unertaking renovations, fencing, tree maintenance, gardening and landscaping, property development, air conditioning installation and servicing, building quotes, or other local services, give Nearmap a try and see your potential market more clearly than ever.
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