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Everything under one roof

Meet the most advanced roof condition assessment tool, complete with vertical imagery and AI-derived roof features.
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Surface data without scaling roofs

Access every roof insight — including materials, shapes, and conditions like rusting, staining, ponding, repairs, and missing tiles — without leaving your desk.

Where high-res imagery meets AI insights

Each roof condition assessment combines vertical imagery with AI-derived information — including area, percentage of affected roof, confidence level, and visual reference on property imagery. This gives a multi-lensed approach to combine quantitative analysis with qualitative judgement.

Roof Condition makes it easier

Evaluate with certainty

Combine data analytics and human judgement to more accurately determine roof condition

Get deeper insights

Our proprietary cameras, processing, AI modeling, and feature extraction are optimised for developing roof condition assessments

Score more accurately

Each assessment includes current vertical imagery of the property and a complete view of AI-derived information

Get the AI advantage

Nearmap Roof Condition includes a robust collection of AI-derived data to more accurately determine eligibility and risk.

Upgrade your assessments with Nearmap Roof Condition

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