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Enhance the safety, reliability, efficiency and efficacy of your initiatives and services with actionable government GIS data and location intelligence you can trust.
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Location intelligence you can rely on

From high-resolution top-down imagery to advanced city-scale AI-derived spatial insights, governments at every level trust Nearmap to transform infrastructure management, development planning, public safety, and environmental preservation.

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Today’s insights for a better tomorrow

Plan smarter with location intelligence

Ensure your urban planning decisions of today will stand the test of time. With current and historical top-down imagery and AI-derived insights you can analyse land use, visualise terrain, understand environmental impacts of proposals, and identify the need for new or updated infrastructure as your population changes.

Efficiently and proactively identify repair and maintenance needs with frequently updated, incredibly detailed views of your assets captured at multiple angles. Monitor change over time to identify and mitigate risk, and mobile crews empowered with location intelligence to resolve issues quickly and safely.

Manage disasters with data-backed confidence

Industry-leading turnaround for disaster insights

Respond to emergencies quicker, safer, and more confidently with rapid, accurate, and detailed captures of ground conditions. Combined with deep situational awareness gained from aerial imagery that is continuously updated year round, you can deploy the right resources to the right places from the get-go.

Enhance transparency for seamless collaboration

Reach quicker outcomes without cutting corners

Save hours of unnecessary travel time with remote workflows made possible by clear, current and measurable imagery of your assets. And accurately identify vegetation, building footprint, solar, surface types and more in seconds with AI-powered featured detection.

Non-technical teams can quickly access imagery in our user-friendly, web-based MapBrowser platform, and GIS teams can integrate post-cat surveys into their preferred third-party application in minutes.

Efficiently collaborate across departments through a centralised, intuitive, enterprise-wide mapping solution. With a single source of truth, your teams will be empowered to reach confident, data-backed decisions quicker.

"Nearmap makes some very useful and simple GIS tools accessible for non-experts. The quality of aerial imagery and the simplicity of the browser tools make Nearmap a great product."

Nearmap Federal Government Customer

"Excellent product. Easy to use, up to date and provides multiple aspects to my work for better collection of data. I use it on a daily basis and have been able to provide my clients with indisputable evidence of changes made over time. Seeing is believing."

Nearmap Local Government Customer

"It is so easy to use and shows great detail of areas being investigated. Love how you can zoom in onto specific spots and use tools to measure property boundaries. BIG plus is being able to look at past images to identify changes."

Nearmap State Government Customer

Intelligence for every jurisdiction

See why Nearmap is the trusted source of location intelligence for all levels of government, across multiple departments.
Government organisations trust Nearmap for our location intelligence

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Quickly sync Nearmap to your workflows with seamless integrations. With our APIs, you can create custom bespoke solutions with more control than ever before.Intergrations & APIs

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