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See the peril. Avoid the risk.

Mitigate your peril risk with property condition, natural-hazard risk, and more geospatial datapoints in our Betterview Property Intelligence and Risk Management platform.
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Mon Apr 01 2024
Thu May 16 2024

Bushfire Risk

Bushfire Risk Insights reveal the exact property attributes contributing to higher claim risk, empowering underwriters or agents to proactively mitigate risk for policyholders.

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Cyclone Risk

Score vulnerability for properties in cyclone zones, automating approval for properties with high scores and allocating more resources to those with low scores.

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Wind Risk

Use machine learning and computer vision models to reveal property vulnerability by accurately identifying factors like missing shingles, roof stains, roof material, and roof shape.

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Hail Risk

Understand hail claim risk on a property-level, selecting good risk while managing or reject bad risk.

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Predict and prevent avoidable losses

Get ahead of peril events with AI-powered insights. AI can reveal correlations between visible property condition and losses and train models to predict future claims.

Lower your risk in high-hazard regions

Leverage historical claims datasets, natural disaster risk maps, and computer vision detections — like defensible space and roof condition — to enable rapid, accurate risk assessment and peril rating decisions in high-hazard regions.

Smartly scale your property protection

Our transparent and actionable peril scores empower underwriters and loss control teams to proactively communicate mitigation steps to policyholders, truly protecting homes, businesses, and communities.

Get a complete, transparent view of risk



lift in claims predictions with peril insights



NZ population covered multiple times per year

Accurate data. Precise predictions.

Predicting the future is only possible when the data is accurate. Our property intelligence is reliably fresh (with new data captured daily) and enhanced with AI-powered vulnerability insights. That’s why Peril Risk is trusted by insurers to identify exposures, anticipate damage, and protect their customers.View Peril Risk in Betterview

Vulnerability Scores

Score your risk of severe weather events such as bushfires, cyclones, hail, and wind. Based on historical claims datasets and computer vision detections like defensible space and roof condition, our vulnerability scores enable rapid, accurate underwriting and rating decisions in high-hazard regions.

Claim Predictors

We combine hazard scores with our AI-powered vulnerability scores to make all-inclusive Claim Predictors. Synthesising property-level vulnerability with historical event data and predictive modeling, each Claim Predictor is a single, precise, and actionable indicator of future claims.

Overcome today’s biggest insurance challenges


Combat inflated replacement costs and premium leakage by accurately matching price to risk for policies in peril zones.


Policyholders want a personalised approach to risk management. Meet these expectations with insights that proactively inform them of their peril exposure level.


Increasing climate disaster risk calls for a higher quality of property intelligence. Our peril insights are predictive and actionable, helping to build resilience in a changing climate.

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Boost your claims prediction by up to 26x with Nearmap Peril Risk.

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