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Take the storm by storm

Effect immediate, strategic policy decisions, reduce avoidable losses, and better serve your customers with Cyclone Risk Insights.
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Wed Apr 14 2021
Tue May 21 2024
Cyclone Seroja

Storm damage in Kalbarri, WA AU

Predict & prevent cyclone losses

Insurers need comprehensive cyclone insights to protect their customers and build resilience while storm severity increases. Our Cyclone Risk Insights by our Betterview platform includes structural vulnerability detections and regional hazard data so you can see the complete picture of risk on a single screen.Learn about Betterview

Streamline underwriting

Instantly access vulnerability for properties in cyclone zones, automating approval for properties with high scores and allocating more resources to those with low scores. Confidently renew or write new business in cyclone-prone regions.

Grow profitability

Confidently provide coverage in coastal regions avoided by other insurers. Anticipate future loss payouts while growing your business and serving new customers.

Price accurately

Use the Cyclone Risk Insights we uncover to provide your customers with more accurate, detailed quotes, based on each property’s cyclone risk.

Predict and prevent

Cyclone Risk Insights reveals the exact property attributes contributing to higher claim risk, empowering underwriters or agents to work with policyholders to proactively mitigate risk, building trust, reducing future claims.

What makes our insights different?

Simplified, intuitive scores for streamlined processes

Focus on structural vulnerability and regional hazard

Transparent data to predict and prevent losses

Relevant insights. Reliable score.

Cyclone Vulnerability Score

Computer vision models analyse our high-resolution aerial imagery to identify property vulnerability, spotlighting factors like tree overhang, roof shape, and roof condition. All relevant spotlights are combined into a Cyclone Vulnerability Score, which is trained on historical claims and damage. Graded from 1 (most vulnerable) to 5 (least vulnerable), this score is a reliable indicator of a property’s cyclone vulnerability.

Case study: Hurricane Ida

In 2021, we scored two adjacent properties in LaPlace, LA, U.S. which was then hit hard by Hurricane Ida. The higher-scoring property was relatively unharmed, while the lower-scoring property experienced major roof and structural damage — demonstrating that our Cyclone Vulnerability Score is a clear indicator of risk.

Mitigate risk

Provide your policyholders with calm before the storm with Nearmap Cyclone Risk Insights.

Demo Cyclone Risk