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Nearmap and Compass IoT partner to transform Australian roads

Jun 2024

Nearmap has partnered with Compass IoT to set new standards in road safety and infrastructure planning, and how Australian road networks are managed with location intelligence.

Jun 2024

The improved, powerful tool for road network management and city planning, combining high-resolution aerial imagery and connected vehicle data will allow users to visualise and react to changes in roadside infrastructure and traffic measures. 
Sydney, NSW, June 18, 2024 — Nearmap, a location intelligence and aerial technology company, has partnered with Compass IoT, an award-winning road intelligence provider, to transform how transport professionals and government agencies visualise and manage road network assets across Australia.
This strategic partnership will allow customers of Nearmap and Compass IoT to integrate Nearmap high-resolution aerial imagery and location data with Compass IoT's connected vehicle data, providing a powerful tool for understanding and reacting to changes in roadside infrastructure and temporary traffic measures.
"Compass IoT leverages billions of data points from connected vehicles, offering insights crucial for building safer, more liveable and sustainable cities. Collaborating with Nearmap will offer our clients a stunning visualisation of our connected vehicle data,” said Emily Bobis, Founding Director, Compass IoT. “This game-changing integration transforms our capabilities and our users' experience, making our road intelligence easier to use and apply."
With Nearmap covering up to 95 percent of the Australian population and urban imagery that is updated several times a year, it will empower users to make more informed decisions with up-to-date, clear, and actionable aerial views.
Access to Nearmap location intelligence will allow Compass IoT customers to monitor the before-and-after effects of infrastructural changes and manage road networks with greater insight. This capability is critical for maintaining the effectiveness and safety of road infrastructures.
"We are excited about the wealth of insights that this partnership will unlock and how it is set to redefine how road safety and city planning are approached in Australia. Government agencies and private sector planners will be empowered with the tools and resources they need to shape smarter, sustainable cities," said Dan Paull, Executive Vice President & General Manager Australia and New Zealand, Nearmap.
The integrated services are available to Compass IoT users with a Nearmap license, providing a significant upgrade in the quality and utility of the road intelligence and planning tools by allowing users to choose high-resolution aerial images instead of low-resolution satellite maps.
With this partnership, Nearmap and Compass IoT are poised to set new standards in road safety and infrastructure planning, illustrating the power of combining cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to build better, safer, and smarter cities.
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