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Utilities asset management

Powercor Enhances Geospatial Accuracy

Powercor improved network design, boosted GIS accuracy, and cut site visit costs with Nearmap.

"By implementing Nearmap as a layer inside Google Earth Enterprise, we can rectify GIS data, and accurately locate where our poles are in real-world terms."

Phil SouthbySenior Drafting Officer

Powercor operates the largest of Victoria's five electricity distribution networks

By integrating high resolution aerial imagery, as opposed to significantly lower-grade satellite images, into its GIS and CAD systems, Powercor wanted to more precisely identify the location of infrastructure such as power poles and streetlights. This would reduce the requirement for site visits and improve the design of network projects.

Powercor Invests Millions to Ensure Safe, Reliable Service

Verified Data with Nearmap

  • Verify location of infrastructure more accurately in relation to real-world features and reduce the number of site visits by integrating Nearmap with in-house GIS system.
  • Improve design for network projects by feeding Nearmap georeferenced imagery into AutoCAD. Powercor drafting officers draw straight over the top of aerial photographic surveys, and provide project stakeholders with more detailed information, such as actual ground distances and coordinates.
  • Increase the productivity of lineworkers by providing them with clear, accurate site information on their iPads.
  • Increase user engagement and reduce design error because of minimal to zero training requirement.

How high is that utility pole?

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