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Traffic Management

Digitising Life-Saving Traffic Management

Altus Group draws on technology and third-party data to transform and digitise traffic control, improving road worker safety and saving lives.

"Nearmap has been a part of our business for as long as I can remember… to see how this product has evolved and to see the insights that it is driving, it’s truly remarkable."

Ben MarsonetChief Executive Officer, Altus Group
Since its creation in 2002, Altus Group has evolved to become Australia’s largest provider of professional traffic control services. With an immense resource of people, fleet and infrastructure throughout Australia, and multiple work sites to manage, Altus is looking at how innovative technology and data can transform safety in the industry.

The Challenge at a Glance

Challenging the Status Quo

“At its core, Altus Group is all about safety”, says Chief Executive Officer Ben Marsonet. In an industry that hasn’t changed fundamentally in the last two decades, Ben and his team are looking at every decision through the lens of safety: challenging the status quo to leverage technology and apply data-derived insights to improve safety for road workers.

The Solution at a Glance

Live Data Makes Dumb Assets Smart

Altus Group saw the opportunity to digitise the traffic control sector, to turn thousands of existing ‘dumb’ assets into smart sensors. Partnering with technology providers like Nearmap, and UK-based HRS, Altus is creating digital twins that will transform traffic control. Extracting data from sensors aims to tell a real-time story of the situation on the ground.

Business Impact

Improving Road Worker Safety

In an industry where seconds can mean the difference between life and death, Altus Group is applying technology and data – including Nearmap high-resolution aerial imagery – to shift a traditional 20th century industry into the digital age. This aims to impact safety for road workers, ultimately impacting lives and communities.

Work With a Clearer View

Get a clear perspective with frequently captured high-resolution aerial imagery and geospatial data.

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