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Managing Urban Growth

Aerial Data for Remote City Management

High-resolution aerial imagery helps the Village of Huntley respond to residential needs and manage civic growth.

"What we had access to prior to Nearmap was typically outdated and/or the resolution was low quality. What we get with Nearmap is just unbelievable."

Jason IrvinVillage of Huntley Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering

Managing growth through crystal clear imagery

One of the fastest growing communities in Chicago, the Village of Huntley realised there had to be a better way to visualise their town to meet its future needs.

The Challenge at a glance

A Visual Split Between Two Counties

Dealing with aerial content from two different counties, the Village of Huntley needed to find a way to locate and compare recent, quality imagery that could depict the entire area seamlessly.

The Solution at a glance

Finding a Single Source of Truth

Nearmap provides consistency in quality and currency, allowing ease of access to data the Village of Huntley needs to gather information, plan infrastructure projects and map utilities – all with superb detail while working safely and remotely.

Business Impact

A Better Way to View and Plan
“Nearmap imagery has been a lifesaver; we no longer have to deal with outdated and inconsistent imagery anymore” said Jason Irvin, Village of Huntley Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering.
Utility Mapping
Utility mapping was also of high importance to Huntley, including a large water main model project. “The utilisation of the high-resolution aerial imagery has reduced dependence on GPS surveys because features such as hydrants and manholes can be located easily which in turn, increases staff efficiency and reduces fieldwork,” said Irvin.
Remote Evaluation
“Nearmap has also been invaluable to use to verify work done on any property in the Village. Being able to use the split-screen comparison with differing years, it’s also possible to determine changes to a property over time. The oblique imagery is also helpful so we can see details on properties that may be obscured."

Gain Powerful Insights

Nearmap Vertical Imagery allows you to access current, high-resolution aerial imagery without having to be there on the ground.

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