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Smart Energy Answers

Updated Aerial Data for Tailored Proposals

Smart Energy Answers uses up-to-date, high-res aerial imagery to meet customer needs.

"With Nearmap, I can develop a proposal from start to finish in under 5 minutes."

Michael KingSenior Technical Consultant, Smart Energy Answers
Smart Energy Answers is an all-encompassing solar provider with a vision to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy through the adoption of cutting edge sustainable technologies.

The Challenge at a glance

Sourcing Real-world Truth

In the past, Smart Energy Answers have utilised satellite imagery in order to form solar proposals, but they knew that this traditional method often provided outdated captures. The company has had to turn away potential customers due to a limited view into the real-world context surrounding future installation sites. Where the company believed there was interference with the solar capabilities of a particular location, there was actually prime opportunity — they just couldn’t access accurate data.

The Solution at a glance

Creating Accurate Proposals

With ease of access to eye-catching, high-resolution imagery from Nearmap, Smart Energy Answers can develop accessible proposals in just seconds. From testing different panels to customising the kilowatts, customers get tailored and interactive proposals instantly, on any platform. This allows Smart Energy Answers to gain immediate feedback, enabling efficient updates and a trustworthy means to build strong foundations with customers.

Business Impact

Making Decisions with Confidence

Up-to-date, accurate property information equipped Smart Energy Answers with the data they needed to make confident decisions — helping to avoid on-site surprises caused by inaccurate data as they continue meeting customer expectations.

Plan With an Updated View

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