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Virtual site inspections help Cardno power through

Nov 2022

High resolution aerial imagery facilitates virtual site inspections for construction and engineering teams to keep projects and planning.

Nov 2022

Virtual site inspections have helped those working in the construction and engineering industries to keep projects and planning moving during shutdowns and travel restrictions.
One of the biggest consumers of Nearmap integrated content globally is Cardno, a leading infrastructure, environmental and social development company with a 4,000 strong workforce in more than 100 countries.
“For our staff the ability to go on site has been diminished, so Nearmap has helped and that’s always been one of the benefits. What really stands out for me at this time is the delivery platform,” says Liz Fulton, Digital Technology Manager (Spatial) at Cardno.
Fulton is part of the Global Digital team, supporting 4000 staff globally and ensuring the best possible tools are available to their consultants – in the office, in the field and working remotely.
“We have people on various types of internet connections. They are not relying on Cardno infrastructure and I have not had to change delivery at all.”
“We have not had to change the operating environment to support Nearmap. There have been other software and systems that we’ve needed to ensure staff can access, but not this product. So, from a business infrastructure viewpoint, this aspect of Nearmap has been really helpful.”
Around the world, Cardno provide a range of consulting, engineering, design and construction services to diverse market sectors including mining and resources, transport planning and infrastructure, environment and sustainability, land, water, defence, and international development.
“In Australia our biggest Nearmap users are the water engineers. They study large geographical areas, such as the whole of the Parramatta River to see all the impacts,” Fulton says.
Cardno specialise in merging data from multiple sources to integrate GIS and survey capabilities to improve the quality and efficiency of digital data analytics and the delivery of actionable intelligence in all environments.
Nearmap's high resolution imagery is used across workflows with many different third-party platforms such as Esri ArcGIS, Autodesk, QGIS and 12D as well as Cardno’s own in-house applications.
“We created a self-service portal for the business. It’s a DIY map tool for that has Nearmap imagery and other web services and, when creating a map, applies Cardno branding,” Fulton explains.
“People like doing things the way they like doing them, so rather than tell them what to do, we provide them with the best possible toolsets and let them discover new uses and workflows for it themselves”.
Like Cardno, Nearmap is helping businesses of every size and across a range of sectors to outpace their competitors. With no complex IT infrastructure requirements, our high-resolution aerial imagery and 3D content has become an integral part of the workflow and development lifecycle, helping customers respond to opportunities quickly and confidently.
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