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Line and area measurement tools for aerial images

Nov 2022

Reduce site visits, increase accuracy and close new business by measuring roof pitch and area via Nearmap oblique aerial imagery.

Nov 2022

If you’re a roofer, solar installer, or construction professional, the drill is familiar: prospecting and booking new jobs involves getting in a truck, driving out to site, setting up safety equipment, climbing on steep roofs, and manually taking measurements. You then compile it all in a quote for the customer, and sit back and wait while they consider offers from your competitors.
We decided there could be a better way to approach roofing, solar, and construction jobs. A faster, cheaper, lower risk, more effective way.
That’s why we built our new 3D Line and 3D Area tools — part of the Measurable Obliques imagery solution — to allow professionals in these industries to perform accurate roof pitch and area measurements on oblique imagery, allowing them to conduct initial site visits virtually and close new business more efficiently. Here’s a quick overview of the new tools we released this week.

The new 3D Line and 3D Area tools at a glance

The 3D Line and 3D Area tools provide a simple way to measure the slope of roofs, structures, and buildings from oblique imagery in the MapBrowser web app. These tools, in conjunction with the height and width tools also available in the Obliques package, will offer roofers, solar installers, and home builders a complete tool set to enable their remote roof and site inspection workflows.

Custom-built for roofing, solar, and construction workflows

The 3D Area and 3D Line tools can go to work for you immediately to help you prospect at scale, conduct preliminary site assessments, add professional polish to your presentations and quotes, and close deals quickly on the phone.

Here are a few ways you can start leveraging this technology:

  • Prospect more efficiently to find opportunities at scale. With the ability to scan and measure an entire suburb’s worth of roofs in just a few hours, you can easily identify prospects for repair work, renovations, new installations, and more.
  • Respond to leads quickly and close more deals with virtual site visits. Estimate materials and labor costs and produce quick quotes by accurately assessing the site with aerial imagery and virtual roof measurements.
  • Reduce the cost per sale. When you don’t have to send staff to a site to conduct the first assessment, you save money on labor, petrol and vehicle insurance, and costs associated with safety equipment and accident insurance.
  • Scale your revenue, not your back office. Do more business without hiring additional staff —the only assistant you need to hire is Nearmap.
  • Stand out from the pack with the latest, clearest bird’s eye view of the property. Illustrate what’s possible and create a lasting impression. Show the context for the proposed work with notes, drawings, and measurements that demonstrate the full scope of the project.

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