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How aerial imagery is innovating the AEC sector

Oct 2022

Innovation is critical in AEC businesses. Learn how you can innovate and win using mapping tools for high resolution images and aerial data.

Oct 2022

Innovation has never been more critical in businesses today. When faced with unprecedented challenges, the ability to meet the impending changes and address disruption is essential.
This isn’t just a risk from the pandemic; it can occur from other crises that take time, cause delays in the process, and threaten revenue. A business that can innovate in the face of adversity will be in a better position to make it through a crisis intact.
Let’s look into how aerial imagery can help firms innovate and win...even in tough times.

Implement Building Innovation Modeling (BIM) into project planning

BIM provides a 3D view of your built environment to help visualise the impact of decisions before you break ground on your project. This helps prevent expensive mistakes and reduces the chance of delays in the process.
Integrating GIS with BIM takes this a step further by enabling AEC businesses to mitigate risks, save time, and simplify the process.

Know which projects are worth pursuing

How does your firm know which project is a good idea? Not everything will make the cut. Location and property technology is changing the prospecting process, allowing firms to innovate in the way they pursue projects. The technology and tools enable the AEC sector with clear imagery, providing access into the site without having to visit it in person.
Aerial imagery enables you to make informed decisions and keeps you ahead of the competition by allowing you to submit fast and accurate bids.

Gain access to clear, accurate imagery

Aerial imagery alone is not enough. Firms need images that are relevant and crystal clear. Up-to-date aerial maps provide truth on the ground so you know you’re seeing the most current image.
This reduces the risk of using outdated imagery that is no longer relevant and allows you to trust the image you’re seeing.

Innovation = success

Aerial imagery gives AEC firms the accurate insight needed to make better decisions, submit fast and accurate bids, and win projects.
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