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Exploring Renewable Energy Solutions with Accenture

Mar 2023

Accenture is leveraging Nearmap aerial imagery, geospatial data, AI and 3D content, along with innovative analytics powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Mar 2023

As service providers and customer-facing organisations adapt to a digital-first, self-service marketplace, energy companies are realising the value of easy-to-use, intuitive tools that let potential customers search for solutions and make informed purchase and installation decisions.
To help individuals and communities meet sustainability and green energy targets, leading global IT services and consulting firm Accenture is focused on building an integrated, self-service platform that will enable sustainable energy providers to improve lines of communication with potential customers to increase uptake of sustainable energy solutions such as solar photovoltaic (PV) cells and storage batteries.
To support this solution, Accenture is leveraging Nearmap high resolution aerial imagery, geospatial data, AI and 3D content, along with innovative analytics powered by the market-leading Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“Energy providers will be able to deliver better customer experience from the first touchpoint through intuitive, self-service tools.”

Vaughn Muirhead,Associate Director, Cloud First Google Business Group at Accenture
Instead of taking days or weeks to deliver a proposal to customers, plans can be produced in minutes. The solution will give customers the ability to view their property using high-resolution aerial imagery, including 3D perspectives, to assess solar installation options, gain better spatial awareness of the installation and understand the return on investment.
APR 2022 | WATSONS BAY, NSW AU (Nearmap Oblique imagery)
Customers seeking a solar solution will be able to see how the installation will look on their property — to zoom-in, see how many solar panels will fit, which aspect will receive the most sunlight — even how it will be seen from multiple angles, potentially from neighbouring properties.
By automating this process and empowering customers with their own property imagery presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format, many of the barriers to solar uptake will be removed at the beginning of the decision-making process.
As part of the integrated solution, Accenture’s Integrated Product Management (IPM) tools will help customers find answers to questions and provide data analytics on projected solar cell and PV performance. “The market is ready for this type of solution, and the combination of 3D, AI, geospatial data and aerial imagery that Nearmap provides is unique,” said Vaughn Muirhead, Associate Director, Cloud First Google Business Group at Accenture.
By enabling this intuitive platform, Accenture aims to help energy providers deliver a complete self-service customer experience, from analysis through to financing options and checkout. The reduction in manual effort will save energy companies time and money, and improve engagement to help customers reach a satisfied purchase decision.
With a solution that can show patterns at scale, the value of fast, accurate data analytics on real-world scenarios will help energy companies focus activities on the areas where the greatest opportunities exist.
To find out more about Nearmap geospatial content, aerial imagery and 3D reality models, get in touch.
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