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The new age of utility mapping

Smarter utility planning, management, and maintenance workflows are here, powered by location intelligence.
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Reimagine utility asset management

Empowering utilities with high-resolution, multi-dimensional, insight-rich views of their entire networks, Nearmap is reimagining asset management workflows. Enhanced service delivery, reduced downtime, and superior cost management can be your reality with our best-in-class solutions tailored to your utility needs.

Water Utilities

Assess water quality and monitor the environmental impact of your assets with ease and accuracy using consistently current location intelligence.

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Electric Utilities

Visualise buffer zones around assets, and detect elevation changes that could compromise clearance — such as new infrastructure and vegetation encroachment.

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Gas Utilities

Overlay data sets to see your assets, access points, and surrounding sites in detail, and identify the best locations for new installations as your develop your network all in one interface.

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Plan more accurately with location intelligence

Projects that achieve more

Plan project accurately and keep them on time, on budget, and aligned with sustainability goals. With incredibly detailed imagery enriched with AI-derived location insights you can visualise terrain, identify obstacles, track progress and monitor environmental impact at every stage of the utility project lifecycle.

Utility asset management transformed

Don’t miss a single detail

Overlay asset location data on the highest resolution aerial imagery to assess powerlines, pipelines, transmission towers and more in extreme detail. Catch maintenance and repair requirements early from the comfort of your desk with on-demand access to hi-resolution imagery of up to 75% of the population.

Make faster planning and maintenance decisions with automated, verifiable insights that identify vegetation encroachment, surface types, building footprints, solar panels and more in just a few clicks with Nearmap AI.

Reduce risk, prepare for the unexpected

Proactively identify and mitigate risk

With frequently updated location intelligence including AI-derived property features and Near Infrared content, identify changes in vegetation growth or health or surrounding buildings that pose risks to your utility assets quickly and easily.

Protect your assets from increasing disasters with unparalleled pre and post catastrophe location intelligence. With a deeper understanding of past events and how they could impact your assets, you can make smarter response plans and take protective measures to keep your utilities up and running when they’re needed most.

“Having that level of information before you actually do that first site visit is really important; it’s just so revealing, it’s like being on site, it takes it to another level.”

Spatial Applications Developer, Sydney Watertestimony-logo

“By integrating current, high-resolution geo-referenced Nearmap imagery with our core GIS and AutoCAD technologies, we can rectify errors in our GIS, produce more accurate designs, and locate infrastructure including power poles and streetlights.”

Senior Drafting Officer, Powercor Australiatestimony-logo
Leading organisations trust Nearmap for our location intelligence

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Quickly sync Nearmap to your workflows with seamless integrations. With our APIs, you can create custom bespoke solutions with more control than ever before.Integrations & APIs

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