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Gain a more intelligent perspective on your gas utility network and provide a safer, more responsive, and more customer-centric service.
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Revolutionised gas utility mapping

Enhance your network and customer service with high-resolution 2D vertical imagery and AI-extracted geospatial features. Set the foundations for efficient asset location, leak detection, real estate, and right-of-way management.

Take asset management workflows to new heights

A holistic view of your entire network

Overlay data sets to see your assets, access points, and surrounding sites in detail, and identify the best locations for new installations as your develop your network all in one interface.

Identify terrain and elevation, obstructions, and crew/equipment requirements remotely with detailed aerial imagery and oblique views. Auto-detect surface materials including vegetation, asphalt, gravel and concrete with AI.

Improve response times and customer satisfaction with Nearmap imagery data and overlaying your accurate customer connection data.

Streamline safety and compliance

Simplify right-of-way management

Reimagine how you manage your right-of-way, encroachments, and access road maintenance with comprehensive insights from frequently updated, crystal clear imagery.

Ensure before-you-dig tracing accuracy and excavation safety with cutting-edge aerial data.

Don’t pardon interruptions, prevent them

Highlight the invisible to uncover hidden leaks

Up-to-date, high-resolution aerial and Near Infrared imagery helps pinpoint detected leak locations, enhancing safety for your distribution networks.

Up-to-date monitoring of vegetation growth powered by AI allows for optimised asset placement, safer and more effective asset interference, and fire risk reduction, ensuring network performance and safety

Improve response times and customer satisfaction with Nearmap imagery data and overlaying your accurate customer connection data.

"With Nearmap, all the necessary information is in one easy-to-use program. We can decide if the property is suitable for solar within two to three minutes. The high resolution captures reveal roof space, shading, and any obstructions so we can make accurate, timely assessments."

Program Manager, Sales Proposal Development at Momentum Solartestimony-logo
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Quickly sync Nearmap to your workflows with seamless integrations. With our APIs, you can create bespoke solutions to better meet your needs.Integrations & APIs

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We provide the location intelligence, your gas utility network reaps the rewards.

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