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Transform your vision into business-generating proposals with Nearmap location intelligence. Our industry-best insights and geospatial solutions, driven by cutting-edge technology, empower AEC firms to design, bid, and win projects.
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More data. More wins.

Every project starts with a winning proposal. Elevate your proposals with the precision, insight, and power of location intelligence. Nearmap is your competitive advantage — giving you access to the most comprehensive ground truth and highest resolution visuals to help increase your wins and build a robust project portfolio.

Data-driven success

Leading data quality

We frequently capture the the truth on the ground to ensure you’re using accurate aerial data. Our high-resolution imagery provides a comprehensive view, so you can build proposals with up-to-date visuals.

AI feature extractions identify and analyze building footprints, utility poles, permeable surfaces, vegetation, and more. This allows you to pinpoint potential issues with vegetation, slope, or encroachments to make project planning more efficient and effective.

Gain a competitive edge in project proposals and RFP submissions with differentiating insights. Streamline processes from go/no-go decisions to proposals to preliminary design — and expedite your time to construction.

Proposals that tick all the boxes

​​Expedite proposals, permitting, urban planning, and constructability reviews with actionable insights from the latest data. Demonstrate through geospatial insights how to avoid environmentally sensitive areas, ensuring regulatory compliance and risk mitigation — from proposal all the way through the construction process.

"We love Nearmap as the imagery is so superior to anything else and the history is very useful for reviewing development sites. The resolution is fantastic and the ability to overlay planning and lot details is incredibly useful to our business."

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Sync with your workflows

Quickly sync Nearmap to your workflows with seamless integrations. With our APIs, you can create bespoke solutions to better meet your needs.Integrations & APIs

​Leading solutions for winning proposals

​​Our state-of-the-art imagery and Geospatial AI can help you win more business with captivating and accurate designs.

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​​See how our location intelligence can elevate your proposals.

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