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Location intelligence — from high-resolution imagery to a growing library of AI-based geospatial features — to empower AEC professionals with end-to-end GIS insights.
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Innovative location intelligence

Harness the power of geospatial intelligence to transform architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) workflows. Discover how our high-resolution 2D vertical imagery and AI-based geospatial features redefine precision and planning by taking project insights to new heights.

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Our high-resolution vertical imagery provides unparalleled clarity, ensuring every detail is captured for precise AEC planning and execution — saving time and avoiding costly rework.

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See how Nearmap improves project management.
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Quickly sync Nearmap to your workflows with seamless integrations. With our APIs, you can create custom bespoke solutions with more control than ever before.Integrations & APIs

"Having the Nearmap along with the building design allows you to see those two together… you can feel like you’re in the space. And that’s really important. You’re creating something completely from scratch that’s going to be people’s homes, it is going to be where people take their dog and their kids out for walks and play with."

Senior Development Manager, Mulpha Norwest

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Let Nearmap take your AEC projects to new heights. We're here to elevate excellence, redefine possibilities, and lead the AEC industry into a future where geospatial intelligence empowers your innovation.

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