aerial view of residential housing in queenstown-- 17 March 2019
Nearmap Vertical

A Clear, Orthographic View of Your Sites

Instantly access current, high resolution aerial imagery of urban areas across New Zealand. Get the power of insights without the inconvenience of site visits.

17 March 2019 | Queenstown, Otago

Make smarter decisions grounded in the truth

Conduct virtual site surveys without leaving the office so you can be everywhere without going anywhere. View seasonal context, target new business, and qualify customers over the phone. Years newer than even the most current satellite imagery, frequently updated aerial imagery gives you the power to make decisions based on reality — without having to be there on the ground.

16 January 2019 | Croftondowns, Wellington

High Fidelity Aerial Imagery

Nearmap Vertical is consistently 5.5cm GSD or better. Rely on far sharper quality than high resolution satellite images, with the detail you need to make informed decisions. 


Summerville, SC | 2016 to 2019

Reliable Urban Coverage, Past and Present

View the cities and communities that are home to 73% of the NZ population— in other words, your current and potential customers. You can even use the Split View tool to compare historical and current surveys side by side to see how your location has changed over time.    

18 February 2019 | Bromley, Christchurch

Instantly Accessible & Shareable

Instantly explore aerial views with our MapBrowser web app, or integrate high-res Nearmap imagery with leading GIS and CAD platforms. It's even possible to integrate with your proprietary GIS application. 

Export images with saved annotations and measurements — a great way to grab a detailed snapshot to share with a colleague or include in a polished proposal.

02 March 2019 | Bayswater, Auckland

Made to Measure

Use MapBrowser's intuitive web-based tools to quickly measure length, area, and radius — or get automated sums for multiple areas. Save measurements on a site plan with the Projects tool, and revise as your project progresses. 

04 February 2019 | Khandallah, Wellington

Shift Perspectives

Within MapBrowser, a simple click of the compass tool lets you switch between orthoimagery and a roads layer. Or you can choose to visualise roads as a transparent overlay on top of the imagery. Enjoy continuous zoom and responsive rotation for seamless exploration. 

Customer Story


ABC reduced the time to quote by 50 percent, cut costs by up to 20 percent through minimising site visits, and strengthened its development application proposals with accurate building site imagery.

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04 February 2019 | Auckland Central, Auckland

Truth on the Ground

You need to be on site without walking every square kilometer and wasting hours in traffic. Efficiency is the key to rapidly growing your business, and overhead maps make it possible.

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