aerial image of commercial construction site in auckland-- 6 March 2019

Top-Down Engineering with Aerial Photos

Optimise your development lifecycle with current, high resolution aerial imagery of your construction and engineering sites.

06 March 2019 | Auckland, AKL

Location is everything. Location intelligence is better.

Instantly accessible aerial imagery does the surveying for you, so you can conduct construction planning that cuts costs and exceeds expectations. Get a reliable view of your environment with high quality maps — both recently captured and historical imagery —  to illustrate progress on your site. Aerial construction allows you to make smart decisions at each stage of the development lifecycle.

aerial image of residential construction site in wellington-- 8 February 2019
08 February 2019 | Wellington, WLG

Survey the site from your OFFICE

Measure length, area, and radius of buildings, vegetation, ground features, and infrastructure assets.

Collect field data before you arrive on site, so you can verify in person. 

aerial image of summerland primary school in auckland-- 4 February 2019
04 February 2019 | Auckland, AKL

Make Informed Decisions

Explore the context of your location by measuring the distance to nearby schools, parks, transit hubs, hospitals, police stations, and shopping centres.

aerial image of building construction progress in auckland-- 5 January 2017
2017-2019 | Auckland Central, AKL

Detect Change and Monitor Progress

View three years of historical imagery to inspect property changes over time and track urban growth.

Compare before and after images for critical events, and monitor the rate of progress and milestones across a development project.

aerial image of building construction in queenstown-- 17 March 2019
17 March 2019 | Queenstown, Otago

Plan and Assess Risk

View obstructions and plan heavy vehicle access points, and determine crane clearance requirements.

Assess on-site hazards to determine safety equipment needs.

02 March 2019 | Auckland, AKL
05 January 2017 | Auckland, AKL

Get Client and Stakeholder Buy-in

Design beautiful plans and presentation materials that provide context and communicate clearly.

Create strong development applications and shortcut the approvals process.

aerial image of building construction in auckland-- 4 February 2019
Customer Story

Building Strong Foundations: Absolute Building Consultancy

ABC reduced the time to quote by 50 percent, cut costs by up to 20 percent through minimising site visits, and strengthened its DA proposals with accurate building site documentation.

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aerial image residential property kawarau falls queenstown-- 17 March 2019
17 March 2019 | Queenstown, Otago

Join the mapping evolution

Up your aerial game and start working with high-res, current imagery of your work sites and properties. Get the advantage of premium geospatial content combined with world-class mapping software and integrations.

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