Current Nearmap Aerial Maps Coverage

13 urban areas across New Zealand, including 73% of the population. Large-scale capture with up-to-date orthographic imagery.

01 March 2019 | Whangaparaoa, Auckland

About Our Coverage

We regularly capture and publish imagery covering 73% of the New Zealand — 13 urban areas encompassing more than 18,800 square kilometers annually, and growing. Our coverage map shows both existing and planned coverage for 2019. Keep up to date with our coverage updates by subscribing to our newsletter. 

How often do we fly?

We add new content for major New Zealand metros frequently, subject to weather and other conditions. The resolution is 5.5cm GSD, although we may capture areas at higher resolution in some circumstances. Take a look at our coverage map for update frequency and other information. 

Regional coverage

We typically update selected populated regional areas at least once a year. Please see our scheduled coverage for more information.

Nearmap Vertical
05 March 2019 | Lyttelton, Christchurch

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