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Elite Grounds Achieves Groundbreaking Accuracy and Productivity

Nearmap high resolution aerial maps help reduce project estimation time by as much as 75 percent.

04 May 2018 | Payson, UT
With the time and cost savings we’ve achieved through Nearmap, I only wish that we had implemented the imagery sooner. Working with Nearmap is a no-brainer.
Cameron Ashby, Systems Manager at Elite Grounds L.C.
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Elite Grounds, L.C., was founded in 2003, determined to fulfill its company mission — providing customers with real solutions, professional performance, and complete satisfaction. The company offers an array of services such as landscape maintenance, landscape construction, sprinkler services, chemical services, snow and ice control, dormant pruning, holiday lights, and many more specialized services. Because of the booming population growth in the Salt Lake Metro area, Elite Grounds’ business has exploded — serving hundreds of clients within a 50-mile radius.

The Challenge at a glance

Outdated Imagery & Lack of Historical Data

Before using Nearmap, Elite Grounds resorted to using satellite imagery from large mapping services, which was often old and blurry. Outdated, low resolution satellite imagery made it difficult for the team to produce accurate bids without also going to the client’s site. It didn’t represent recent features like buildings and roads, and small property details like sprinklers and valve boxes, which were too small to notice at that resolution.

The Elite Grounds team had no reliable way of viewing the same property in multiple seasons. If the team was referring to imagery captured in warmer months, tree coverage made it difficult to measure the property.

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Aerial view of landscaping, Payson UT -- 4 April 2019 Aerial Landscape View, Payson UT
The Solution at a glance


Nearmap caught the eye of Elite Grounds when they first saw its imagery in a landscape magazine. Curious about how a subscription aerial imagery service could beat a free satellite imagery system, Elite Grounds requested a Nearmap demonstration, and was blown away. 

By incorporating Nearmap into its operations, Elite Grounds has access to clear, current imagery — a location tool it can trust with its biggest projects. The staff no longer needs to spend a full day in the field to manually verify their measurements. Instead, the Elite team uses measurement tools within Nearmap’s web app, MapBrowser, to prepare bids from the office or anywhere — saving significant amounts of time, resources, and money.

Business Impact

Accurate measurements and quotes Nearmap captures its imagery at 2.8" GSD — much clearer than the best satellite images. Nearmap updates imagery multiple times per year keeping up with Utah’s rapid growth and development.  Elite recounts a time when the team tested Nearmap’s abilities against traditional onsite measuring. Both sets of measurements were within just feet of each other, but the deployed team took four times as long to gather measurements.

Multi-seasonal context With Nearmap imagery, the Elite Grounds team has access to up to four years of historical imagery. They can select imagery taken in the spring and fall, so foliage doesn’t get in the way of measurements.

Accurate inventory & resource deployment During the winter season, warehousing and inventory can be a challenge for lots of landscaping and utility companies who put up holiday lights on commercial and residential properties. The line tool in MapBrowser helps the Elite team measure rooflines perfectly, so they can order the appropriate quantity of strands of lights during the holidays, eliminating excess.

aerial, landscaping, park, Provo, UT, 2019 April 04 Landscaped Park in Provo, UT
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