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Nearmap unveils new brand identity

Jul 2024

Revamped visual identity and expanded offerings reflect Nearmap commitment to innovation and customer success 

Jul 2024

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, July 1, 2024 – Nearmap, a global leader in location intelligence and aerial imagery solutions, today unveiled a refreshed brand direction and reaffirmed its commitment to customers. As part of this visual evolution, Nearmap is dedicated to delivering its brand ambition to be the source of truth that shapes the livable world by providing reliable full-stack solutions—from proprietary camera systems and imagery capture to AI-derived insights. 
For over a decade, Nearmap has provided customers with the highest quality imagery and AI based location insights available.  
“We use Nearmap data across multiple platforms,” says Michael Fabbiano, Vice President at Highpoint Engineering. "We can use it in our ArcGIS and AutoCAD platforms. We plug it into reports, presentations, and PDF format. The clarity is outstanding!" 
As the Nearmap brand evolves, so does the commitment to innovation, comprehensive support, and ongoing enhancement of solutions to surpass customer expectations. In 2023, Nearmap acquired Betterview, a property intelligence company, to provide a more comprehensive technology platform and enhance total location intelligence offerings.  
“The merging of Nearmap and Betterview has added a lot of extra value,” says Shawn Kain, Chief Underwriting Officer at Utica First Insurance Company. “We find that the Betterview platform now has much more imagery than in the past, much more frequent photos, better quality photos, and fantastic oblique imagery.”  
This transformation is vividly reflected in the customer experience. With a focus on empowering innovation, Nearmap is poised to introduce additional offerings for the insurance, commercial, and government markets—enabling informed decision-making and supporting the impactful work of Nearmap customers. 
“Nearmap has been a part of our business for as long as I can remember,” says Ben Marsonet, Chief Executive Officer to Altus Traffic Group. “To see how this product has evolved and to see the insights that it is driving, it’s truly remarkable.” 
Andy Watt, CEO of Nearmap, noted, “Nearmap has made strategic strides to transform its business and better meet the ever-evolving needs of our growing customer base. We felt it was crucial for Nearmap to have a brand that reflects our focus on customer-oriented solutions and the high standards of precision our customers trust and expect. Not only does the new brand emphasise the power of collaboration and humanity in an ever-changing environment, but it also places our customers at the centre, where they truly belong.” 
Looking forward, the Nearmap brand will symbolise unwavering dedication to providing comprehensive end-to-end location intelligence solutions, ensuring customers have access to the most innovative products available.