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Boost Assessment Efficiency

High-Res Aerial Maps for Government

Find out how Taunton, Massachusetts gained a 30% improvement in assessment efficiency with Nearmap high-resolution aerial imagery.

“Our goal in the past was to visit every property once every nine years. With Nearmap, we were able to reduce that time to once every six years after just a few months.”

Richard ContiAssessor, Taunton
Taunton, Massachusetts was founded in 1673 by members of the Plymouth Colony and is one of the oldest towns in the United States. Though Taunton holds this title, the city remains a hive of activity. It is home to 57,000 residents and 877 commercial properties, so staying on top of property change in this bustling place has its challenges.

The Challenge at a glance

Streamlining the Assessor Process

Before Nearmap, assessors in Taunton were faced with a lack of resources, outdated aerial imagery and limited insight into new taxable additions by residents.
With the task of assessing each property within city limits every year in order to calculate the tax amount that residents will pay on an annual basis, Nearmap has played an increasingly important role in how Taunton assessors, like Conti, do their job.

The Solution at a glance

Performing Virtual Site Visits

By delivering up-to-date high-resolution aerial images, Conti and other assessors in Taunton are able to instantly view and assess a property, from wherever they are, whenever necessary.
When the Covid-19 pandemic impacted their ability to perform on-site assessments, “Nearmap was a lifesaver as the pandemic dragged on”, Conti says. The team observed that they were able to quickly view any new taxable additions within city limits, even without physical site visits.

Business Impact

Moving Forward with Ground Truth

Using Nearmap has allowed the city to conduct site visits in-depth, increasing tax revenue and helping assessors to do their job in a more efficient way.
Like most cities, Taunton has limited finances and is very cautious when it comes to the allocation of taxpayer dollars but Conti states: “I'm more than convinced that the return on taxpayer dollars for purchasing Nearmap is easily 100%, and this is after only a few months using Nearmap”.
Conti believes he’s found a solution that will continue to provide value to his team and Taunton residents for years to come.

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