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3D Project Visibility

The City of Sioux Falls in South Dakota is improving operations with Nearmap location intelligence.

“While 3D urban models of proposed buildings are useful, combining them with Nearmap 3D mesh gives people a true understanding of a project.”

Lauri SohlCivic Analytics Manager, City of Sioux Falls
The City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota — with a population of more than 200,000 — needed to better serve its citizens and provide up-to-date information to relevant stakeholders. With high-resolution, on-demand aerial imagery, the city is able to keep up with community needs.

The Challenge at a Glance

Visibility Across Seasons

For the City of Sioux Falls, aerial imagery is a staple resource. Historically, the imagery used reflects a springtime window, but this provided a limited view. As most construction projects reach completion at the end of the season, late-summer captures would provide a clearer picture of construction status.

The Solution at a Glance

Streamlined, Unified Access

With cloud-based access to up-to-date captures, the city can instantly stream imagery across devices. Easy integrations with CAD and GIS applications like Esri ArcGIS Pro also helps decision-makers access the same source of truth, from public works employees to elected officials.

Business Impact

Planning for the Future

As technology continues to evolve, the city is looking forward to continued government innovation, with plans to use ArcGIS Urban to review proposed construction projects, and using the Nearmap 3D textured mesh base layer to view a project within existing site conditions, as well as the basis for a citizen engagement tool.

Gain 3D Insights

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