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The next generation of aerial data with Nearmap AI

Mar 2023

The release of the next generation of Nearmap AI powers users with the ability to derive property insights from high resolution aerial maps.

Mar 2023

Nearmap AI provides unprecedented parcel and property insights to improve decision making and accelerate workflows. Prefill forms, improve underwriting and risk models, and monitor changes for renewals and claims processing. Nearmap AI provides access to hundreds of artificial intelligence (AI) derived feature attributes.
Nearmap powers users with the ability to derive even greater insights about their areas of interest with today’s release of Nearmap AI: Generation 5 (Gen 5). All of the data layers in Nearmap AI have been enhanced by the more powerful and accurate AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms used to develop the Gen 5 data layers.
Nearmap AI features nearly 50 data layers, organised into a series of 13 AI Packs, to provide insights about roof features and conditions, vegetation, and property improvements like swimming pools and solar panels. Nearmap AI provides the flexibility and versatility to serve different needs of an organisation. The continually updating imagery gives confidence that parcel and property data is always up-to-date while multiple vintages allow for analysing changes over time.
Nearmap AI Gen 5 features new and updated AI Packs:
  • Nearmap AI - Surface Permeability Pack helps users analyse the ability of the ground to absorb water. It includes Natural Pervious Surface and Hard Surface data layers.
  • Nearmap AI - Debris Pack helps users identify potential hazards and risks in a parcel. It includes a Vegetation Debris data layer and a Junk and Wreckage data layer.
  • Nearmap AI - Roof Condition AI Pack has been enhanced with three new data layers that help users identify potential damage areas in a property’s roof. It includes a Missing Tiles and Shingles data layer, a Permanent Repair (Patching) data layer, and a Zinc Staining data layer.
The data layers in MapBrowser have already been upgraded to return Gen 5 data. The Nearmap AI Feature API will return Gen 5 responses by default for any surveys where Gen 5 was processed. API calls can be customised to return Gen 4 data to assist with migration workflows. Gen 5 data is available for surveys captured after July 1. Select surveys captured prior to July 1 will be processed for Gen 5. Gen 4 data is available for surveys captured before August 15. This technical blog post, Migrating Data Models to Nearmap AI Generation 5, provides some recommendations for updating models and algorithms to Gen 5. Customers can also contact their account representative for assistance.
Want to LOOK CLOSER at Nearmap AI: Generation 5? Watch Nearmap NAVIG8 2022 where our Senior Director of AI Systems, Dr. Michael Bewley, will be taking a deep dive into the expanded capabilities Gen 5 will bring to your workflows in an inspiring keynote and dedicated solutions session.
You can also learn more about Nearmap AI and see it in action yourself by getting a free demo.