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Improving road safety with location intelligence and vehicle data

Jun 2024

We've partnered with Compass IoT to improve outcomes for local governments and transport professionals looking to improve road safety and efficiency with location and vehicle intelligence.

Jun 2024

Rozelle, NSW, AU
Safer, more efficient, and better-maintained roads require reliable, scalable, current and actionable data.
An accurate understanding of traffic patterns, driver behaviour, road infrastructure condition, and how these change over time, can be leveraged by local governments striving to improve road outcomes.
That's why we have partnered with Compass IoT — an Australian start-up, leveraging billions of data points from connected vehicles, offering insights crucial for building safer, more liveable and sustainable cities.
Together with our best-in-class location intelligence, we're poised to set new standards in road safety and infrastructure planning and transform how transport professionals and government agencies visualise and manage road network assets across Australia.

Where road intelligence meets location intelligence

Instead of relying on low-resolution and often outdated satellite maps, this strategic partnership will allow Nearmap and Compass IoT customers to integrate Nearmap high-resolution aerial imagery and location data with Compass IoT's connected vehicle data.
As we cover up to 95 per cent of the Australian population, provide a catalogue of 10+ years of historical imagery, and our urban imagery is updated up to six times a year, users that harness the combined power of Nearmap and Compass IoT's intelligence will be able to:
  • Better understand and react to roadside infrastructure changes and temporary traffic measures.  
  • Make more informed decisions with up-to-date, clear, and actionable aerial views
  • Monitor the before-and-after effects of infrastructure changes and manage road networks with greater insight
Overall, this partnership provides a significant upgrade in the quality and utility of the road intelligence and planning tools available to joint customers.

Transforming road network management

With an integrated platform combining detailed visual data and robust traffic analytics, local governments will see enhancements across a number of use cases.

Improving Pedestrian Safety

Now with road intelligence enriched with frequently updated and crystal clear aerial content, local councils can not only deploy insight-backed safety projects with greater accuracy, but also determine the success of such projects more confidently.
For example, Northern Beaches Council implemented 3D crossings at three high-risk points along the Manly beachfront to improve pedestrian safety.
The council assessed Compass IoT data and video camera footage to determine the 3D crossings had the desired effect of drivers slowing down. They also found pedestrians were looking up from their phone on approach.
With a far more detailed and up-to-date view of its roads as demonstrated by the below image comparison, Northern Beaches council can plan and monitor their implementation in vivid clarity.
Read more about this pedestrian safety use case here.

Optimising Contraflow Management 

Transport officials and local governments can better plan and manage contraflow — the diversion of traffic during roadworks, special events, peak hour, incident response and more — more effectively with a higher quality birds-eye view of the truth on the ground.
Pinpointing where the contraflow starts and ends, identifying cones, signage, maintenance vehicles, cars and trucks and what direction they're travelling, monitoring the site before and after the contraflow, and assessing the site for any characteristics that might have affected the results, all become much easier with a more detailed and up-to-date view of locations of interest.

Tackling road management challenges?

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