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Grow your property service business

Feb 2024

Take a look at the imagery tech capabilities that can help you reduce time-consuming site visits while increasing your customer base.

Feb 2024

Dec 2023 | Moss Vale, NSW AU
For property service providers offering paving, fence design, roofing, pool installations and maintenance, solar and other related services, Australian-founded technology can help you streamline operations while growing your client portfolio.
What plans have you made to cut time on the roads and on-site, acquire new customers and reduce carbon emissions?
Development in Moss Vale, NSW

Dec 2023 | Apr 2018

High-resolution aerial imagery is the tech tool that lets you efficiently prospect for new customers from your desk. You can evaluate the feasibility of potential new opportunities without spending time and money on potentially unproductive site visits. This is key to identifying potential new business opportunities.
By comparing images from historical and current surveys, you can spot property changes that have occurred over time to gain useful insights.
Bidding for new business also takes on a new dimension with high-resolution aerial imagery. The ability to scan large areas of land from a bird’s-eye view identifies prospects faster and helps you win service contracts more efficiently and at a faster scale than competitors who are still travelling to make on-site measurements for old-style quotes.
Whether you’re in the business of landscape, paving, fence design, roofing, solar or pools, here’s a closer look at some of the ways you can improve your day-to-day operations and overall business success with aerial imagery.
Aerial imagery showing AI layers – building footprint, solar panels and vegetation
• AI and 3D capabilities
High-resolution aerial imagery can deliver more than just photos. Technology like AI layers and 3D reality models automating identification of crucial elements. For example, with a few clicks, you can spot which properties don’t have solar panels, inspect elements like tree overhang, see roof conditions, and measure height, pitch, and length to create more accurate estimates. This can be done across large areas, covering streets, suburbs or regions and towns, to give you a more informative snapshot
• Time and cost savings
Old-school prospecting, with site visits and manual measurements, eats up time and resources. With aerial imagery, you can remotely assess potential job sites, measure dimensions, and generate quotes. This saves travel time and cuts the costs associated with site visits (such as fuel and hourly rates). This means you can complete more estimates each day, qualifying potential clients in near real-time, and prospecting only the projects that are most likely to yield positive financial outcomes.
• Greater accuracy and precision
High-resolution aerial imagery lets you take more accurate measurements, make project annotations, and share clearer visual plans. Using inbuilt measurement tools, your quotes and proposals can accurately reflect the scope of work. This eliminates guesswork and reduces errors, leading to more successful project outcomes and more satisfied customers.
• Improved client communications
Aerial imagery makes it easier for your clients to understand the end result through powerful visual imagery that lets you present designs, illustrate proposed changes and show expected outcomes. With aerial imagery you can also clarify property details, highlight potential challenges or opportunities, and address client concerns.
Aerial imagery showing landscaping and lawn property measurements

3 steps to property services business growth

1. Take accurate measurements, create impactful quotes
Aerial imagery lets you take accurate measurements and generate quotes more easily. Using measurement tools such as line, area, and radius, you can quickly calculate the area of sections, add notes to images, and provide clients with detailed cost estimates with a clear aerial snapshot of their property.
Aerial imagery helps you accurately locate and analyse properties, measure dimensions, mark-up images with cost estimate notes, and export the imagery as a proposal — all within minutes. This helps you showcase your designs and show the expected scope of work, impressing clients and outshining your competitors. The ability to quickly generate proposals with accurate information gives you a significant advantage in securing new projects.
2. Optimise field service delivery
Aerial imagery can help you optimise operations, especially when working on projects adjacent to existing structures or in complex environments. By verifying height, width, and other critical parameters remotely, you can confidently plan landscaping, paving, pool installations and more. This eliminates the need for multiple site visits and minimises errors or delays.
3. Deliver a more satisfying customer experience
With the help of high-resolution aerial imagery, you can showcase progress and demonstrate the effectiveness of your service delivery. By comparing historical imagery to current aerial maps, you can validate work, settle customer disputes, and provide evidence of improvements made over time.
Aerial imagery can also help you identify potential issues such as lawn degradation. This proactive approach to maintenance not only enhances the customer experience but also helps retain clients and generate positive referrals.
High-resolution aerial imagery is transforming the property service industry, offering a powerful tool to streamline operations, win more business, and improve the customer experience. Don’t get left behind!

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