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Product-Specific Terms

Each time you purchase any of the products listed below from Nearmap, they come with additional terms and conditions specific to that product.
Go ahead and navigate the below drop downs to see the terms relevant to your Nearmap products.

1. The Licensee's usage of the ArcGIS Integration will be counted towards the Licensee's total Periodic Data Allowance. Please ensure that you have sufficient Periodic Data Allowance to meet your requirements with ArcGIS Integration to avoid restrictions being placed with your subscription.

The Product-Specific Terms below apply to Betterview Services and Partner Connect Services.

1. “Betterview Services” means those products previously provided by Betterview Marketplace, Inc., including the software platform, but excluding any portions thereof that originated with Nearmap. Betterview Services also include any services on the Quote that contain a “Betterview” designation. The Betterview Services are now considered Products under the applicable Nearmap products agreement.

2. “Licensee Data” means all electronic data or information collected by, or submitted by Licensee to, the Betterview Services or Partner Connect Services. Licensee Data does not include Feedback or information Nearmap derives from any users use of the Betterview Services or Partner Connect Services.

3. “Partners” means persons or entities with whom Nearmap is offering the Partner Connect Services. “Partner Connect Services” means the Partner-fulfilled services as set forth on the applicable ordering document.


4. “Website,” as used in the applicable Nearmap products agreement, includes all pages and sub-sites available within the domain.

5. Licensee has access to the Betterview Services and Partner Connect Services via a user interface (“UI”) and a REST application programming interface (“REST API”). Licensee can submit requests for property information and retrieve property information for such submitted requests through both the UI and the REST API. When submitting a request for property information, Licensee must specify the Betterview Services or Partner Connect Services being requested.

6. Licensee is solely responsible for the accuracy of the address(es) Licensee inputs in Licensee’s use of the Betterview Services and Partner Connect Services, as well as inputting the address(es) in the correct format. In addition to the address(es), Licensee may provide other identifying information about the property (such as but not limited to business name), for which Licensee is solely responsible for the accuracy of any such information provided. If the property Licensee is requesting information on is unclear based on the information Licensee provides, Nearmap may mark the request as a non-productive request in the UI or REST API.

7. To the extent Licensee has purchased or subscribed to any Partner Connect Services, Licensee must agree to and comply with, and ensure its Authorized Users agree to and comply with, any applicable terms of use or licenses of such Partner Connect Services. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Nearmap will not be liable for any loss, damage, or cost of any kind, which is caused, or contributed to, by a Partner or the Partner Connect Services.


8. Licensee shall be solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity, and legality of Licensee Data and of the means by which it acquired Licensee Data.

9. Licensee shall own and retain all right, title, and interest in and to Licensee Data; provided, however, that Licensee hereby grants to Nearmap a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use Licensee Data solely for (i) providing, maintaining, and improving the Products, (ii) providing Licensee with access to and information about customized features, new functionality, and partner integrations, and (iii) aggregating and anonymizing Licensee Data to derive de-identified data. The resulting de-identified data shall not be deemed Licensee Data, and thus Nearmap may copy, modify, retain, distribute and disclose, display, and otherwise use and commercialize such de-identified data for any purpose permitted under applicable law, including to provide and optimize Products and performance analytics.

10. Licensee may provide to Nearmap bug reports, suggestions, enhancement requests, recommendations or other feedback or content relating to the Betterview Services and Partner Connect Services (“Feedback”). By providing any Feedback, Licensee hereby assigns to Nearmap all right, title, and interest in and to the Feedback, if any. Nothing in the applicable products agreement or these product-specific terms will restrict Nearmap’s right to use, profit from, disclose, publish, keep secret, or otherwise exploit any Feedback for improving or otherwise modifying any Products without compensating or crediting Licensee.


11. If a retrospective loss analysis is included as part of the Betterview Services Licensee subscribes to, then the following terms shall apply:

a. The retrospective loss analysis requires Licensee to provide claims data to Nearmap on a quarterly basis or other period as mutually agreed to by the parties in writing (email to suffice).

b. Individual required attributes of the claims data include address, incurred amount, paid amount, loss type, cause of loss, loss adjusted expenses (LAE), premium, inception date, and policy effective date.

c. The retrospective data sheet will include loss data for all properties covered under the identified use case(s) and applicable line(s) of business.


12. By accessing either the Betterview Services or Partner Connect Services, any agreement with Betterview Marketplace, Inc. that Licensee previously entered into is superseded and replaced by these and/or other applicable product-specific terms together with the applicable Nearmap products agreement agreed to by Licensee.

1. Survey – During the Term, the Licensee may request a survey of an area which is not covered (in its entirety or in part) by the Coverage Area ("Survey"). The Licensee must provide a detailed description of the area which is to be covered by the Survey. Upon receipt of such a request in writing, Nearmap may, in its absolute discretion, agree to provide the Survey to the Licensee.

2. AOI – The Survey will only be carried out for the area of interest ("AOI") as attached to the relevant Quote issued for the Nearmap Now Product.

3. Delivery of Survey – Subject to clause 1 of these Product-Specific Terms and clause 12 (Force Majeure clause) of the agreement, Nearmap will deliver the Survey to the Licensee by uploading the Survey to the Website within six (6) months of the date on which Nearmap receives payment of the Survey Fee in full from the Licensee. Nearmap will notify the Licensee in writing once the Survey has been uploaded to the Website.

4. Availability to Other Nearmap Customers –Nearmap may, at its absolute discretion, allow other customers of Nearmap to access the Survey on the Website.

5. Refund of Survey Fee – If the Licensee is not in breach of the Agreement and Nearmap elects to terminate the Agreement under clause 6.3 (Termination by Nearmap clause) prior to delivery of the Survey, Nearmap will refund the Survey Fee to the Licensee.

1. GeoData Link - The GeoData Link Product allows the Licensee to integrate Permitted Public Location Data into MapBrowser or an approved Nearmap Widget via direct geocode link with an Esri Rest API or such other method authorized by Nearmap from time to time.

2. Product Specifications - Product specifications for GeoData Link include information regarding viewing Licensed Content or integrating Permitted Public Location Data into MapBrowser or an approved Nearmap Widget and are documented in the Nearmap Help Centre.

3. Location Data - If the Licensee integrates any Permitted Public Location Data for use in GeoData Link, it warrants that neither the Permitted Public Location Data and use of the Permitted Public Location Data nor any aspect thereof infringes, violates or misappropriates the rights of any third party.

4. Periodic Allowance - The Licensee's use of the GeoData Link Product is not subject to any Periodic Allowance.

5. Esri Terms - Integrating and using Permitted Public Location Data from Esri via the GeoData Link through the Esri Rest API are subject to any applicable Esri License Terms.

6. Definitions - For the purposes of these Product Specific Terms – GeoData Link

(a) API means an application programming interface authorized by Nearmap.

(b) Esri License Terms are the terms published by Esri and applicable to the Esri Rest API or other Esri products that integrate with GeoData Link.

(c) Esri Rest API means the API that links the Permitted Public Location Data from Esri products to Nearmap Products.

(d) Licensed Content means content that the Licensee has access to under the Agreement.

(e) MapBrowser means Nearmap’s online web application accessible through the Website.

(f) Periodic Allowance means the data allowance specified in the “Allowance” section of the Quote unless otherwise agreed in writing between Nearmap and the Licensee.

(g) Permitted Public Location Data means the publicly available data layers extracted from the Esri Rest API, including but not limited to the examples provided by Nearmap in the Product Specifications Documentation.

(h) Nearmap Help Centre means the documentation provided by Nearmap as set forth at or as otherwise provided by Nearmap.

(i) Nearmap Widget means an embedded Nearmap tool or application through which the Licensee may access certain Products or Content.

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